Something To Think About


April 10, 2013 Lyn Leahz | Vine of Life News

If today was your last day, and you never walked the face of this planet again, what would people remember you for? What things did you accomplish? Would you be greatly missed, or quickly forgotten? Would you be remembered as a selfish grump who did nothing but complain? Or, a loving, giving person who loved others and served God?

And then there’s the big question. In fact, you were probably expecting just one more question, weren’t you?

When the time comes, and it is just you and God, what will He say about your life on earth? Will He be well-pleased? Moderately pleased? Or, worse, not pleased at all?

Do know this, and think about it. This life has only one purpose! To live, and breathe, and move and to have our being in Him! Yes! You and I were made to serve God. So if most of your life has been spent serving the flesh, well then, you already know that God is not very happy with you. The good news is that if you are reading this right now, there is still time! Yes! Right now you can repent and turn to God! You can renounce the flesh, along with its corrupt desires, and start living for the Father right this very moment! He is hoping and waiting for you!

What’s more, you will have Jesus Christ in your cheering section constantly encouraging you. He has given you a helper, and a counselor, so that you don’t have to do it alone! Through the gift of salvation, you can call upon Jesus and be given this wondrous comforter called the Holy Spirit! The Spirit of God Himself will immediately come and live inside of your spirit if you sincerely ask and repent today!

Friend, tonight, week…could be your last! Is there anything here in this world worth an eternity of suffering? Jesus came that you would have life, and have it more abundantly. He has saved you from eternal Hell and damnation! But in order to take hold of it, you must tell Jesus that you want to serve Him. You must ask God to forgive you of all your sins, and tell Him that you want a new life sealed by the blood of Jesus, and signed in the Lamb’s Book of Life in heaven!

What are you waiting for?



The Altar of God is Not a Bargaining Table!

Last night at church my pastor made this comment and I cannot let it go.  He said, “The altar is not a bargaining table!”    As I began to pray about everything the Lord wanted to teach me about  it I heard the Lord say, “That is what people do.  They, many times, don’t come to me as I require which is in spirit and in truth, but to exchange something.  They will say, ‘God if you do this for me, I will do such and such for you.’  They come only long enough to get what they want from me and I don’t hear from them again until the next hardship comes up.”

How sad, that the creator of this universe, the one that loved us so much that He literally gave His Son to die the most horrific of all deaths for us, is treated with such lack of appreciation and honor!  God’s way is the word of God!  There can and never will be a substitute for that!  We learn this in the story of Cain and Abel.  God requires, and still does to this day, a blood sacrifice (which is now Jesus and what He did on the cross).  Abel did as God commanded and brought what GOD required, not what he thought was good enough.  Cain did the opposite.  He brought his own talent and idea of what he thought was just as good.  He brought pride in his gift to the altar for acceptance!  Abel brought OBEDIENCE!

God accepted Abel’s offering and rejected Cain’s.  This was not what GOD had said to do.  God was not going to go against His word and He wasn’t going to bargain with Cain!  When Cain saw his offering that stemmed from pride and disobedience was rejected he became so enraged he killed his own brother!  God had told Cain in Genesis 4:7 “You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out!  Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master.”  That is exactly what happened to Cain.  He did not do what was right and anger and rage got the better of him and he sinned by letting it master him.  He was then cast away from God!  How sad when all he had to do was obey.  Instead he wanted to “bargain”!

The Bible is God’s way!  There is NO OTHER WAY!  Don’t let the devil fool you and cause you to think there is!!  God is requiring it His way to spare our lives of undue heartache, hardship, and even dying before our time!  He doesn’t want to hinder our happiness, He wants to bring everlasting joy that no circumstance can take away!  Why?  Because In God we always have victory, no matter how the battles of life may SEEM to rage.  God will always lead us in the WINNING direction and complete all that He has promised, but it is by HIS word which is His way!

My dear reader, when was the last time you knelt at an altar, whether at church or in your prayer closet at home, and said like Jesus did, “Nevertheless, not My will but Thine be done!”?  Let this be OUR prayer today.  Not our way, not what we think, but God’s way and will be done to the utmost in our lives!  You will be blessed beyond measure when you come to that point and all the things that have been a fight for you will lose their power over and against you.  Why?  Because you are doing it God’s way and He NEVER loses!!

Have a good day, my precious reader!  May you be richly blessed in all your ways today!  See you soon!