Approval Addictions and How to be Free of Them


freedom from chains

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  Colossians 3:12

This past week was a trying one for me.  This week was not looking any better…until today.  Yesterday I was told by a loved one that I was not as loved as others in my family.  I had always suspected this, but never had this person ever come right out and said it.  You can imagine the hurt this brought to my heart.

Today when I awakened, Satan was right there to remind me of the horrid conversation  that took place the day before.  God warned me an attack was coming and to be prepared for it.  I did not remember that prophecy at the time, but today God reminded me of it.  He cautioned me not to fall into offense because if I did it would lead to destruction…my own.

I thank God for warning me in advance.  Thank God I was not blindsided by it.  As I thought about the prophecy today, and the attack that took place on me emotionally, I was grieved by it.  But God had something to say about it all.   He told me something that would set me free and something that will keep me free from the approval and disapproval of man!  Since a blog is a journal, I am writing it down in its purest form to always remind me.

God said, “If I (God) saw you the way you and the world see others, how would I think?  I could easily say that I have been with you all your life.  You were raised in church, but yet you still miss the mark daily and fail me. 

The things you could do for me and toward me you don’t.  You don’t praise me everyday as I have asked you to.  You don’t read the Bible as you know to do.  You make sure you know what time it is every Tuesday so you can be ready for your favorite television program and can sit in deep concentration for a full hour,  but many days I am fortunate to get thirty minutes.  Life is busy right?  How I would love to have the attention you give to everything and everyone else. 

I am not happy.  Your behavior has made me unhappy, and my happiness is contingent on the way you treat Me and what you do for Me.  If you had given Me the attention I have so craved, if you had met all of MY needs, if you would bother to try to understand Me, then My life would be happy.  Your approval is necessary to my happiness and if you don’t give it,  I won’t have it. I have forgiven you time and again, yet you still miss the mark and don’t do enough to keep me happy and satisfied. 

I can no longer take your behavior.  I have decided My life would be better off without you.  I am not going to be around anymore.  You have become unhealthy for me.  I don’t want to see you, hear from you, or see anything that even reminds Me of you.  I have given you grace before and mercy, but you have used it up.  My life would be better without you since you don’t fulfill me or bring the happiness I require. 

I am not going to allow you into heaven because then I would have to see you all the time, and I just can’t deal with that.  You will have to go to hell so I can be happy without any reminders of you and all the ways you hurt Me over the years.  I wish you the best, but I have to love you from a distance, so don’t call Me and I won’t be bothering you.

Harsh words, but true thoughts.  How many times have I treated those who have hurt and wounded me this way?  Oh I didn’t realize it at the time, but today God showed me the receiving end of this stick.  When He did He reminded me of the debtor who owed millions of dollars to his master who he was indebted to (Matthew 18:23-35).   He knew he would be thrown in a debtor’s prison never to see his family again and begged for mercy and forgiveness.  It was given and his debt was wiped out, just as Jesus’s blood wiped our debts out when we came to Him for mercy and forgiveness.

Not long after the man was freed from the bondage of that debt he saw someone who owed him.  This man owed him very little, yet he grabbed him by the throat and demanded payment in full and threatened his life if it wasn’t paid in full (this is the way we are when we walk in the our way instead of God’s supernatural way). 

When the master who was owed the millions heard of this he was furious and called for the man who had been forgiven of his great debt to be brought to him.  Because of his behavior and lack of mercy and grace toward the one who owed so little the master, who forgave much, withdrew that forgiveness and enforced the original sentence to life in a debtor’s prison…what the man had actually deserved.  Thank God for grace which absolves us of guilt and all we deserve.

When we deal with people by holding their feet to the flames, so to speak, we have positioned ourselves for dire consequences as well.  That path leads only to destruction…not the destruction of the person who did us wrong, but destruction to ourselves.  I am responsible for my happiness.  That power does not rest on you, but on what I choose to feel and think.  As I thought about what God was showing me, I cried out to Him for forgiveness.  I had no idea my thoughts and actions had become so ungracious toward others.  Were the ones who hurt me wrong?  Yes, but so was I.  The irony was I was hurting myself worse than anything anyone else had done because I was moving myself away from God’s will for my life, which carries great promise and great reward.

I remember when Jesse Ventura said Christianity was for wimps.  Show me where doing supernatural things in the natural is even possible, much less ‘wimpy’ or easy.  The Christian walk cannot be done without God, it is such a difficult one.  You have to have God’s super on your natural to forgive the unforgivable, to give grace and mercy when maximum punishment is rightfully due.  To pray for those who use you and persecute you to be blessed is impossible to mean if not for God giving us a supernatural ability to do it…yet, it can be done! 

Now when I look at others, I will ask myself if God were to see me and think toward me the way I am thinking and feeling toward that person, how would I feel. Would it be what I would want done to me? So simple…how did I miss it for so long? 

I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders when I came to this realization today.  I don’t have to be concerned with what anyone is thinking or saying about me.  I don’t have to worry if I am loved as much or less than someone else.  My present and future does not rely on anyone’s approval but God’s.  I have His approval and He is the last say on where I spend eternity.  Whether people think I deserve it or not, I will be blessed if I stay in love.  The only one who can stop His blessing is ME!!!  I don’t have to worry where my needs are going to come from and that includes my most basic needs which is love, for God is my Source!  He will open doors people cannot open and He will do it in the face of my enemies…HE sets a table before me in their presence (Psalm 23). 

Far too long I have worried about the approval of people.  I have sought to find my worth in it.  I have mourned and have allowed myself to feel less than when I was found lacking by one or by many.  How frustrating to seek what is impossible to ever have.  No one can make me happy or that my life is of infinite value except God and me

I have to choose to put on the robe of righteousness (His way of being and doing).  I have to choose to put God first, and that means what He thinks above all others.  I have to choose to let my good character speak for itself, and if I am judged or misjudged it is on God’s shoulders to make it right and He will.  But if there are critics that refuse to see what God sees, and their minds never change I still win because I am exactly as I should be in my Father’s eyes and He will cause everything to work out for my good.  You see it is a win/win, no lose situation.  When you truly realize that, you are free to love, free to forgive, you are free indeed! 

Men die for freedom.  Jesus died for mine and yours.  That is how important freedom is.  It removes fear of people, fear of society and its dictates, and fear of never being all I want to be and should be, the fear of disapproval. 

Fear is a heavy weight.  It stops you and hinders you from joy, happiness and contentment.  It hinders you from leading life to the fullest and stepping out in faith because fear produces the opposite effects of faith which is rooted in God’s way of loving and brings courage. 

His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  God never intended for me to walk in the wounds of rejection, nor the need for approval of anyone other than Him.  Thank God He set me free to love not just the loveable, but the unlovable…just like me.




Empty Nesting: It is Harder the Second Time Around!

empty nesting is hard

                                                               My idea of the “Tiger Mom”.

Hubby and I are in the process of empty nesting for the second time.  The Rev. has flown away into the destiny God has waiting for him and my little nurse is studying for her last finals before nursing school begins. 

Hubby called me to tell me he is on his way home (a 500 mile trip).  I could tell he didn’t sound right.  I knew what it was.  It was the same thing I have done for two days.  Both of us were remembering the Rev’s first day of Kindergarten.  That horrible, wish I never knew the look, that was on his little face.  His face is an adult one now, but that look is still there.  That little boy is still behind those grown up eyes! 

This is the second time in three years the Rev. has left EVERYTHING known to him to venture into unchartered territory for God.  The first time was when we left him knowing no one and nothing about Broken Arrow, Oklahoma except it was where RHEMA was located and God had called him there.  Now again in Arkansas to begin his first Associate Pastor‘s job.  Thank God we know his pastors!  They were our daughter’s pastors in College Station, Texas when she was at Texas A&M. 

I know they will take good care of him.  A sweet lady has opened her home for him to stay there until he finds an apartment.  He described her as being much like our pastor’s wife.  I feel great relief by this because there is no greater lady on the earth besides my mother!

Hubby will come home, and the first part of the re-adjustment phase will begin.  The door will not swing open with Gracie barking as though Charles Manson has escaped prison and is coming in to murder us all!  I won’t go to the window to see if his car has made it back for the night.  I guess I will start sleeping on a regular schedule now.  There won’t be anymore UFC fights in the kitchen between him and hubby with me screaming, “Watch out for the dogs!!!”  Funny the things you never think of are the ones you will miss the most…except for Gracie’s yapping!!  That one is getting old FAST!!!!!!!!

At the same time, hubby and I will look at each other and on the spur of the moment say, “Let’s hook up the travel trailer and go.”  Right now, that is about all I can think of that will change very much.  I will get even more involved at church (something God has really been speaking to me about lately), and my ear will be to the phone much, much more! 

Keep the Rev. in your prayers, precious reader, and his mom even more!  Blessings to you in abundance as always!  Juliana

Today is the Day…

cody and kate at outback

                                                             My beautiful children. 

The “Rev.” is finally flying into his destiny!  Today my son leaves for Arkansas to be an associate college and career pastor.  I am so proud of him, and I am very excited for him, but at the same time I am starting to feel the mixed emotions of joy, sadness to see him go, and excitement because I know God has great things in store for him.

This is what we have prayed for, what he went to school for, and now the time of being mentored by a wonderful pastor has come!  It isn’t easy seeing your little birds leave the nest, no matter what age they are, but it is necessary to their well-being as well as our own as parents.  It is time.  He is a man now, no longer a child for me to watch over.  I can completely trust God to do that! 

I do ask you, dear reader, to pray for my son as he enters this new aspect of his journey!  I ask that you pray for me as well.  The weather is horrible here and is getting worse.  Please, pray for traveling mercies for him as he makes this trip.  All is well I know, but knowing he is covered in prayer just puts my mind more at ease.

Blessings, precious reader and thank you!  I will see you soon! 

About Kim

As you can see… I am blessed beyond my biggest dreams! I am the ONLY girl in the house (besides our sweet dog, Princess) and my boys are my WHOLE world!

There isn’t a lot I wouldn’t do for this group of wonderful young men! And my every day revolves around them…

You can call me Taxi Mom (mini van and all), Team Mom, Room Mom, Chef (or so I like to think), Housekeeper, Shopper, Tutor, Bookkeeper, Nursery Room Keeper (former Children‘s Pastor), Prayer Warrior, Doctor Mom, and Organization Coach.

My oldest, Steven is a Freshman in college at Univerisity of Houston. He will be 20 very soon and I don’t even want to go there…. LOL!

Dawson is 12 and in his 1st year of Jr High. He is very musically inclined, plays the French Horn and LOVES playing baseball (Go Braves!!!).

Benjamin is 8. He is witty and funny and ALWAYS on the move! Always. He loves collecting rocks, trinkets, jewels and coins. The dryer and I find them daily. Cooper is 2 1/2… my last baby… (sigh) He is FULL of energy and words. He talks better than most 5 year olds and can hold a conversation with the best of them.

As you can tell, I’m VERY proud of all my boys.

My husband, Doug, aka Booker, is my EVERYTHING! He is my rock, my prayer partner and my best friend.

No one ever said it would be easy but we are committed to NEVER give up… and that’s what I love about him most.

He is right here beside me, sharing life and fighting through the tough times with me. It goes without saying… there are a whole lot of AWESOME times too!!!

Wouldn’t want to share it with any body else!


About Kim

As you can see… I am blessed beyond my biggest dreams! I am the ONLY girl in the house (besides our sweet dog, Princess) and my boys are my WHOLE world!

There isn’t a lot I wouldn’t do for this group of wonderful young men! And my every day revolves around them…

You can call me Taxi Mom (mini van and all), Team Mom, Room Mom, Chef (or so I like to think), Housekeeper, Shopper, Tutor, Bookkeeper, Nursery Room Keeper (former Children‘s Pastor), Prayer Warrior, Doctor Mom, and Organization Coach.

My oldest, Steven is a Freshman in college at Univerisity of Houston. He will be 20 very soon and I don’t even want to go there…. LOL!

Dawson is 12 and in his 1st year of Jr High. He is very musically inclined, plays the French Horn and LOVES playing baseball (Go Braves!!!).

Benjamin is 8. He is witty and funny and ALWAYS on the move! Always. He loves collecting rocks, trinkets, jewels and coins. The dryer and I find them daily. Cooper is 2 1/2… my last baby… (sigh) He is FULL of energy and words. He talks better than most 5 year olds and can hold a conversation with the best of them.

As you can tell, I’m VERY proud of all my boys.

My husband, Doug, aka Booker, is my EVERYTHING! He is my rock, my prayer partner and my best friend.

No one ever said it would be easy but we are committed to NEVER give up… and that’s what I love about him most.

He is right here beside me, sharing life and fighting through the tough times with me. It goes without saying… there are a whole lot of AWESOME times too!!!

Wouldn’t want to share it with any body else!


The Love of a Husband Deserves Gratitude and Respect!

walking along the beach

However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.  Ephesians 5:33 ESV

Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.  Ephesians 5:22 ESV

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.  Ephesians 4:31-32

Our marriage has always been a work in progress!  From day one until 29 years later, it has been talking, compromising, planning, staying on the same page.

My husband and I are total opposites!  I mean you cannot get more opposite than what we are!  We have two things in common.  We love each other and we believe the same way spiritually speaking.  My husband loves me deeply.  I am not sure why.  I am not pulling for sympathy, this is a statement of fact nothing more.  I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me, I can see it in little things he does.  For example, tonight I had not felt well because I had been hurting from falling in the hole on our anniversary when we went camping and I got little to no sleep the night before.  He was heading to the evening service at church later and I asked him before he left would he fix a fire in the fireplace for me.  “I might if I have time.”  I didn’t think any more about it, but when I got up from resting my back and went to the living room there in the fireplace was a beautiful blazing fire!

He has always done things like this.  He would fix my coffee for every morning even though in all of our married life he has only drunk half a cup.  He would lie on my side of the bed in the winter time until I got there to warm it up for me.  He scratches my back to relax me every single night of my life!  My husband works at home and when he hears me get up and start to stir, he walks in and gives me a big hug and kisses me and asks me how I slept.  I can see in his eyes, with all of my bed head, no make-up, a few pounds heavier, and my face not quite as smooth as it was 30 years ago the love he has for me runs even deeper than it did in the beginning!

The other morning I was in a huge hurry.  I had to have some photographs taken for an event.  I was grabbing things throwing them in sacks and suddenly I heard something crash and break.  I looked and it was my favorite bracelet.  It went with everything!!  I am a huge bling girl, so this was very annoying.  My husband had the next day off.  He told me he was going to play golf and he did.  What he didn’t tell me was he had fished the broken bracelet out of the trash and spent the other half of his day shopping at the mall (something he hates voraciously) looking for another bracelet identical to the one I broke to replace it.  Girls, don’t give me cruises, expensive chocolates, huge houses and fancy cars once a year!  Give me a man who treats me like a queen every single day of my life just like my husband does!  I feel sorry for women who are married to men who only give them things and never their hearts!  And I feel sorry for husbands whose wives only want and take and never give gratitude and respect for someone who is probably the best thing that ever happened to them!

I had been thinking about all of this and then I began to shamefully think about some other things.  For all that my husband so thoughtfully does for me, there are certain things he does that can really grate on my nerves.    I was thinking about all the “negatives” or what I perceived as negative.  On this  particular day I found my tone gruff and my manner as well.  Nothing puts me in a worse mood than to be running late and having to hurry and this was one of those days!!  It seems everything goes wrong at those times.  As I rushed around I was barking orders to my husband and he was doing them at HIS pace instead of MINE!  The more he did this, the angrier I became.  I could feel my frustration level rising.  Finally, I snappishly said to him, “Oh, just leave it!  I will do it myself!!”  As I drove off in the car I began to rehearse his less than perfect traits. Oddly,  I never once thought of mine!!  Suddenly, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and reminded me of all the things he did do that was beyond what I ever thought to expect.

“A love so deep and so true deserves respect”, the Holy Spirit said.  Oh, I could feel it.  I no longer was feeling sorry for myself, I was feeling sorry for my husband!  In all that he did and does for me, I failed to appreciate him and even worse I failed to do what the Bible says and RESPECT him!

What we rehearse the most in our minds is what our very lives will become!  If we rehearse all the bad, the worse our world becomes and those in it that we hold responsible, often times unfairly, we begin to loathe instead of love.  How very sad we destroy the love and its depths along with the relationship God so generously blessed us with!  I find when I rehearse the positive, it acts as a magnet to bring more positive things to my life!  A grateful heart always gets blessed!

Having some challenges in your marriage today?  Write down five things your spouse does for you that is done just because they love you.  Keep that list in front of your eyes all week, especially when things begin to get on your nerves, yet again!  Rehearse it over and over!!  Remind yourself of that love!  Then write down at the end of the week how it was different from the other weeks.  How it turned out to be surprisingly better than you expected.  Your spouse will see the change in you, which will prompt some changes in them.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain or preserve, whichever the case may be!

Blessings to you, precious reader!  See you soon!

Prayers for Gracie and Me…Especially Me!

sweet gracie

This is my baby!  Gracie is one of the best dogs I have EVER had!  She gives such unconditional love!  She taught herself to sit and will sit quietly and not jump on me while I get the treats out after play time.  She will not jump on the couch unless I tell her she can and she will not jump off unless I give permission.  I have never seen a puppy like this, but then I have only gotten to know two dogs really well.

When I was a little girl I was savagely attacked by a dog in a friend’s yard.  I was outside by myself and didn’t see the dog at all.  Suddenly, it was just there.  My mother had told me if I ever encountered a dog I didn’t know or one that had aggressive behavior to stand perfectly still.  That is what I did and I still have the scars on the back of my legs for listening to that bit of advice!  The dog knocked me down and began to viciously sink his teeth into both of my legs!  Blood was everywhere!  I don’t know if I lost so much blood I went into shock, or if I just went into shock from the trauma of it.  It kept me out of school for two weeks.  I don’t remember much after the attack, not even the tetanus shot I got after I was bitten and I was scared of those, too!

I say all of this to say dogs were the last things I wanted to see for the rest of my life.  I carried a literal phobia of them until about three years ago.  I was not afraid of puppies, but grown dogs petrified me.  When my children were around ten years old they began to want a puppy.  I knew it would be good for them and would teach them to be responsible.  I held myself emotionally away from that dog.  I wanted the kids to have full responsibility, and I did not fully trust her.

One night I received a call from my mother telling me she had seen the cutest puppy in the world and it was being sold.  It was a Pomeranian.  Before I knew it the words flew out of my mouth, “Call them and tell them I will buy her tomorrow!  It is Sunshine’s birthday and that is what I will get her!”  I picked “Prissy” up the next day.  She was adorable! She was a beautiful brown and never got to be over three pounds.  She was beautiful in every way.  She was meant for my daughter, but somehow she attached to me.  At first, I was not interested.  I held off emotionally again, yet I knew she wouldn’t hurt me.

Time went by and my children grew up.  My son left home in March and my daughter left for college the following August.  Three days before we were to move her I broke my foot.  It was one of the worst times of my life!  I lived to serve my children.  Suddenly, my little eaglets were gone.  I was devastated!  The first night we stayed in College Station, TX we were in our travel trailer.  Prissy slept  in her bed.  Whenever we would camp, the first thing she always did would be to get out of her bed in the morning,  go to Sunshine’s bed, raise up on her back feet look at Sunshine and wait patiently to be loved and cuddled by her.  The day hubby was to move Sunshine in (thank God my parents and my sister-in-law was there to help) Prissy went to Sunshine as always.  I knew it would be the last time I would see what I had seen over the last 3 years.  Tears sprang to my eyes.  They left to move her into the dorm and hubby put Prissy in the bed with me before they left.  She kept watching for the door for Sunshine to return.

The first night Sunshine was so excited to be in the dorm she stayed there to get to know her roomie.  Prissy got in her bed and hubby and I just laid there in silence.  Suddenly, I could no longer hold back my tears. It was as if a dam had been released!   I cried for hours as though someone had died instead of just moving out.  My husband put his hand on my arm and I could hear a few sniffles coming from him.  It was torment!

The next morning Prissy got out of her bed and headed for Sunshine’s bed.  As always, she raised up on her back legs to look in her bed, only Sunshine wasn’t there.  Then she turned and looked at me as if to say, “Where is she?  When is she coming back?”  At that moment I realized animals have real feelings.  They have great depths of love, loyalty, and great joy in being with you.  The least amount of attention means the world to them, their love for you is so strong!

We left Sunshine at college.  Suddenly I attached to Prissy.  She was now my baby!  She loved it!!   She attached to me in a greater measure as well!  It was as if she felt my hurt and poured her love out on me to heal it.

One day, about 2 years later as Prissy played suddenly she fell.  She never got up again.  She was dead within three minutes.  We rushed her to the emergency room but nothing could be done.  She had been dead too long.  I could not come home.  Hubby had to take me to Momma‘s.  I couldn’t walk in the door of the house because she always greeted me.  She would never greet me again!

Three months before she died, I had, had her baby teeth pulled while she was under sedation.  Afterwards, she developed a funny cough.  I took her to the vet.  He said nothing was wrong.  I knew there was!  I did what he prescribed for “allergies” and to no avail.  I took her in a second time for him to look at me and say, “I don’t know.”  At that point I was escorted to the front desk and was charged for an office visit.  Over that weekend, I noticed the funny breathing became worse.  I told hubby if she was still breathing like that  on Monday I was going to a new vet.  Prissy didn’t live long enough to make that visit.  I often wondered if it was the sedation that somehow may have weakened her heart.  Now, tomorrow I send my Gracie for the same thing.

Oh how the enemy wants to torment my mind with the memories of Prissy and worry about Gracie.  I am fighting it, but I would appreciate your prayers, dear reader!  Please, pray for Gracie to come through with no complications and for me to be at peace.  It is a different vet!  I really like him and trust him.  Bad memories can linger far too long, but God always takes the broken pieces and makes something beautiful out of them.  Gracie is my beauty…my joy in exchange for my mourning.  I will be glad when tomorrow is all said and done.

Thank you for the prayers, precious reader!! I know I will feel them!  See you next time.

Anniversary Celebration, Day 2

anniversary day2b

I  am happy to announce haven’t stepped in the hole again!  Every single time I step out the door I remind my husband about it and for him not to step in it either;  it is a doozy!

Today, when we woke up, it was storming and the trailer was rocking with the wind.  I could see my husband’s head going back and forth with the sway of the wind.  I looked out at the lake.  It had waves that looked more like the beach!  White caps were everywhere!  They sky behind the lake was a strange gray, a color I have seen just before a tornado.  Somehow, I knew a tornado was not going to be part of my day.  The wind was lulling me back to sleep, but church was quickly approaching and I had to rush to get ready.

Hubby made me pancakes and bacon while I got ready to leave.  We went to church and drove back talking about where we would eat tonight.  All of a sudden I thought just being in my jammies and writing a blog while hubby napped just sounded great!  We decided, he would go into town for burgers.

Gracie is beside me with her new Christmas blanket and her toy rope.  Gracie is my chihuahua.  Suddenly, I just got a hankering to watch “Hondo“, my favorite John Wayne movie.  Last night hubby surprised me with my favorite Christmas movieSilent Night” with Linda Hamilton.

You know what would make this day complete for me, Baby?


To watch “Hondo”!

It would?

Yep, it sure would!

Suddenly, my husband reaches down and pulls out the movie “Hondo” from the movies we have in the trailer!  He thought of everything!!  I feel like a queen, but better than that I feel loved and cherished!  He thought of me and all I enjoyed and just to wish for it, he gave it.

I thank God for my husband!  After 29 years of marriage, neither of us are the same physically or mentally, but thank God, we have grown in our love for each other and grown together and not apart.  We have loved the changes!  We have embraced them and in so doing embraced each other even tighter!

If you were looking for a “Lucy” incident, I hope you aren’t disappointed!  The day is not over…you just never know when one is going to pop up!  Blessings, dear reader!!  See you soon!

A Handful On Purpose!

a handful on purpose

12 The Lord recompense you for what you have done, and a full reward be given you by the Lord, the God of Israel, under Whose wings you have come to take refuge!

13 Then she said, Let me find favor in your sight, my lord. For you have comforted me and have spoken to the heart of your maidservant, though I am not as one of your maidservants.

14 And at mealtime Boaz said to her, Come here and eat of the bread and dip your morsel in the sour wine [mixed with oil]. And she sat beside the reapers; and he passed her some parched grain, and she ate until she was satisfied and she had some left [for Naomi].

15 And when she got up to glean, Boaz ordered his young men, Let her glean even among the sheaves, and do not reproach her.

16 And let fall some handfuls for her on purpose and let them lie there for her to glean, and do not rebuke her.  Ruth 2:12-16  Amplified Bible

As the holidays approach us something amazing and could only have been “a God thing”  happened to me!  I am a giver!  I live to give!!  If you asked me what I wanted for Christmas I would tell you to be able to give to someone who needed to be given to!  That would be the ideal present for me.

I have to be wise during the holidays.   I have an agreement with certain ones that we will give to the kids and leave it at that.  This year I have been blessed with an added member to our family;  my son’s girlfriend/future daughter-in-love!  I got a call in September that if I wanted a particular project to work on this person could use the help.  It was perfect.  I was able to work from home and it would give me Christmas money I would not have had otherwise.

As Thanksgiving approached I began to ask what each one wanted.  I set a date to get it all done and was thrilled when I was able to say, “Thank you, Father!  Because You opened a door for me, I was able to buy for every single person this year!”

God is so good!  I never expected that person to offer what they did.  I had no idea it was coming.  Last year God did the same thing so my family could have a Christmas such as I wanted to give them!!  Out of the blue, there was an opportunity for me to have “a handful on purpose”.

Ruth did not expect Boaz to favor her.  Because Ruth had been faithful to serve and take care of  her mother-in-law who was related to Boaz, he in turn blessed her.  God sees the so-called little things we do.  He even tells us if we do not brag about the things we do for our neighbor He will reward us openly!  Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing!

He also promises when we are tithers and givers He will cause “men” to give to us pressed down, shaken together, and running over!!  I can tell you for a fact, God makes this promise good!  This isn’t just in heaven but on the earth as well!!  Men don’t give to us in heaven…they give to us in this life on earth!!

David wrote in Psalms he once was young but now is old and he had NEVER seen the righteous forsaken or His seed begging for bread!  God is watchful and faithful to meet our needs and to bless us even beyond that!  He promises us to give us the desires of our hearts when we seek Him first!

Be a giver, dear reader!  First and foremost be a giver as a tither and a giver in the church, but to others in need as well and watch what God will do for you in abundance!  Seek Him first and His righteousness and He WILL add all things unto you!!  What a promise!!  Blessings to you, dear reader!  I will see you soon!!