living room dining room             kitchen 1    kitchen 2   christmas tree 2014

Our home…I’ll show you more later!  

I have used the term a great deal ‘Hillbilly” this or that.  During the time Daryl and I were basically homeless and living in a 27 foot trailer for 7 months, that word came to me and has just stuck.  I mean no disrespect to anyone, and in all actuality, it is really a supreme compliment because living this ‘new’ life has been heaven for me!

If you are new to the blog, I’ll quickly catch you up.  I heard God tell me to sell our house, I went to hubby and he agreed, we put it on the market, less than 3 months later it sold for the exact asking price, we moved into our travel trailer in my parent’s backyard and stayed there until God led us to our ‘dream home’ 7 months later!

A typical day for me now is going to the market in a nearby town of 230 people, having breakfast at the grocery store (the owners are dear friends and go to our church), have some friendly conversation, I come back home and go through my house staring and thanking God for such a blessing, grabbing a cup of coffee, going outside to look at our new 5 plus acres filled with oak and fruit trees, and listening to what the Lord wants to tell me that day.  I later go back inside to my new kitchen and decide what is for supper that night and my daily routine continues until it is time for bed.  

It isn’t uncommon for someone to ‘drop’ in and they usually have a gift in their hand for me.  It may be jelly, extra Christmas decorations for my tree, or it may be a pot of soup and cornbread with a scented candle.  Whatever it is, it is a tremendous show of love!

Yesterday as I sat at the ‘Country Store’ waiting for my breakfast order to be ready and sent out to me, I heard my friend working behind the counter whistling “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him”.  I had my Kindle and was reading “A Lineage of Grace” which is about brave women of the Bible, and LIFE IS JUST GOOD!!!  Peace swept over me and it was as if I was back in ‘the good old days’.   People would walk into the store, look my way, introduce themselves, and tell me “Merry Christmas to you”.  

We have found home and great friends.  God led us every step of the way, and when He seemed late, little did I know what a glorious miracle He was working on our behalf!  It was worth the wait!  

You are not forgotten, friend.  God is working on your behalf, too!  Be still, don’t back down in your faith, and watch God pour out on you a blessing that is a dream come true!  Simply~Juliana


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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