binding and loosing1


Today, we will be studying “binding and loosing” in the Spirit.  This is one of your powerful keys to authority in the supernatural realm.  I am so glad we are reading about this, because it has refreshed my memory of some very important prayer tactics!  Remember, precious reader, all the italicized writing is taken from Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin, Sr.’s “Bible Prayer Study Course”.  I cannot begin to tell you all the wonderful resources RHEMA offers!  They have HUNDREDS of books, as well as CDs and DVDs!  Now grab your coffee or favorite snack and let’s dive right in!!


We usually take verse 20 from Matthew 18 and apply it just to gathering together in Jesus’ Name for a church service.  You can do that, but actually, that is not what this scripture is talking about.

Jesus is saying that wherever there are two people who are agreeing in prayer, He is right there to make it good.  Jesus is bringing out the fact that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.  Heaven will back us up in what we pray on earth in agreement, as long it is in line with God’s Word.  We have the authority to loose and to bind.

Instead of using that authority, however, many folks just let the devil bind them.  They say they can’t help it and that the devil is after them.  They seem to think they can’t do anything about the devil’s attacks, but they CAN do something about it.  EVERY believer has authority over the devil in Jesus’ Name.  If you don’t know how to use your God-given authority over the devil yourself, then get into agreement with another believer and bind the devil from harassing you.

The prayer of agreement is for us today. What is Matthew 18:19 doing in the Bible anyhow if it’s not for us to use to get our needs met?  Is it in there for us to use?  Or is it in there just to hold the rest of the Word together??  No, it belongs to us!  We can use it.

I love Brother Hagin for the reason he takes what seems so complicated and brings it to such a simple level.  It is easy to grasp!  Praise God, knowledge is power and I know this has helped me and I pray you have found it to help you as well, dear reader! 

Tomorrow’s the devotion will be on “Acting on God’s Promises Brings Results” and we all know you cannot argue with results!!  It will be a good one…don’t miss it!  Blessings in abundance to you!!   Juliana



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