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Today we will continue to talk about what a “prayer burden” is and how “groanings in the Spirit” is so powerful it can bring the most dedicated agnostic to their knees!  That is exactly what the Holy Spirit brings when He prays through us…DUNAMIS POWER!  If you don’t know that Hebrew word it means “dynamic, dynamite“.  This “dunamis”  is what the verse means when it tells us…THE PRAYERS OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAIL MUCH, DYNAMIC IN THEIR MAKING…is what one version says.  In other, words producing such great power that is so great it is compared to the power of dynamite!

If you have every watched a western movie and you see actors using dynamite to blow something up, you see them run for their lives once the fuse is lit!  Faith lights the fuse, and prayer brings the explosion the devil doesn’t want to be near to see!  Demons scatter when the righteous pray and the intent of people who are not born again is turned!  Glory to God! 

Well, let us get into this….grab your coffee and hunker down for an amazing ride in this lesson!  You are going to love it!  If anything is confusing, feel free to go back to Part 1, to hear the rest of this true story!

Finney said that the brother and he were praying, and the doctor’s wife was downstairs just wringing her hands.  The doctor had gone into his study angry and had shut the door.

Then after forty-five minutes of groaning, they quit groaning and started laughing.  You see, you should always continue to pray until you have a note of praise or victory.  You’ll either start laughing or start praising and singing.  Then you know you have the answer to whatever it is you’re praying about.

Finney related that he and his brother rejoiced and laughed for a while.  Then they got up from praying and went downstairs, and the woman asked Finney how the brother was doing.   Finney told her what had happened and asked her where the doctor was.  She told him he had gone into his study and locked the door and wouldn’t let her or anyone else in.

Finney went to the door and knocked.  There was no answer, so he called to the doctor.  He asked the doctor if he would open the door because he had word for him about his brother.  Finally, the doctor opened the door and asked Finney how his brother was doing. 

Finney stepped into the room and told the doctor that it was just as he had suspected; the brother had been praying for the doctor’s poor, lost soul and that Finney had joined him in prayer.  Finney told the doctor he was just as good as saved.

When he finished talking, the doctor dropped his head.  The doctor then looked up and Finney saw tears streaming down his face.  The doctor got down on his knees and asked Finney to pray with him.  The doctor told Finney he had been full of pride.  Then he accepted Jesus and was gloriously saved. 

Yes, there is a prayer of intercession for the lost;  prayers of travail and groanings.  It’s to be regretted we don’t know more about intercession and travail anymore.  But don’t be afraid to  yield to groanings and travail if the Holy Spirit leads you that way.  Of course, you can’t do these things in the flesh; they are accomplished in the Spirit, by the leading  and assistance of the Holy Spirit. 

Notice that Finney and the brother were groaning.  They could have also been speaking  with tongues and not understood that is what it was.   Finney speaks in other places about unutterable gushings coming out of his heart.  He would not have known what to call them.  But unutterable gushings could certainly describe tongues, too.

Why do I say that?  Because according to P. C. Nelson, the Greek reads “…with groanings that cannot be uttered in articulate speech” (Romans 8:26).  Articulate speech is your regular kind  of speech, that is, speech in your native tongue.

So praying with groanings too deep for articulate speech could also include praying in tongues is inarticulate speech.  That agrees with what Paul said.  Paul said that when he prayed in an unknown tongue, it was his spirit that was praying.  We read the Amplified translation of that verse, which says, “…my spirit (by the Holy Spirit within me) prays…” (1 Corinthians 14:14).

In other words, praying with your spirit by the help of the Holy Spirit is prayer that is not coming out of your mind; it’s coming out of your spirit.  It may be prayer in a known tongue, that is unknown to you but known to man, or it may be prayer in an unknown tongue, understood only by God.  But it is prayer that is inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit helps the believer to pray.  And He helps us to intercede for others.  However, the  Holy Spirit does NOT do the praying apart from the believer.  It is our responsibility to take the time to pray and intercede for others and to obey the gentle urgings of the Holy Spirit to do so.  As we yield to the Holy Spirit we pray in groanings according to the will of God. 

We can also pray in other tongues at will;  we do not need to wait for the Holy Spirit,  He will give us utterance according to the will of God.  That utterance may be in groanings or it may be in intercession in tongues, or it may be intercession in our understanding in our native language.

Well, that is the devotional for today, dear reader!  I hope it has helped you and you have gleaned from it!  I will see you soon.  May God’s richest blessings be yours in every area of your life!    Juliana



2 thoughts on “BIBLE DEVOTIONS-Groanings in the Spirit, Part 2

    1. Oh, thank you, Jesus!! I come in agreement with you, that everything that is unclear be made clear, everything that seemed impossible is made easily attainable, and the perfect will of God lays a path before you and you see it clearly and walk it easily in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!! Glory to God! Praying with you!! The blessing is yours, Sue Ann…step into it, precious heart!!

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