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When I was a little girl, about the age of ten, what you are about to read happened to me.  One night as I was getting ready to go to bed a heaviness came upon me in such a way, words cannot describe.  I knew it was a “prayer burden”, but I thought God was upset with me about something.  I immediately knelt by my bed and began to cry out to God to forgive me for whatever it may have been.  No matter how much I prayed and cried out, it gave me no relief from this prayer burden.

The following Sunday, I went to the altar and began to pray and cry out, again.  It literally felt as though I had done something horrible and there was a heavy conviction for it.  I begged for God to tell me what I had done and to forgive me of it!  My mother was kneeling beside me and noticed my distress.  She asked me what was wrong.  I told her.  She called our pastor over and told him.  He prayed for a bit with me, but still there was NO release!  He then got up and sat on the edge of the platform. 

He prayed for about ten minutes and then motioned for my mother to bring me to him.  He told me (he was my uncle) “Baby, this is a prayer burden not for you, but for someone else.”  He then told me who it was.  It was someone I loved dearly who was not serving the Lord at the time.  I would love to say I understood it all, but to tell you the truth I never truly understood it until I read this section of Brother Hagin’s book! 

If you have experienced episodes of this before, this section will bring you great peace and comfort!  Now let’s dig into our study, today!

Groanings that come out of your spirit and escape your lips are the Spirit of God HELPING or assisting you in prayer.  There are some things that come out of your heart that can’t be expressed in words and are therefore, expressed by groanings too deep for articulate speech.

These groanings are inspired by the Holy Ghost.  They come from within you and escape your lips. Praying and groanings is one way of making intercession.  Remember, intercession is praying for another,  not for yourself.  An intercessor takes the place of ANOTHER.   

Charles Finney, who began his ministry as a Presbyterian and later became a Congregationalist, knew something about prayer and intercession.  He was known as a man who prayed down revivals.

Finney was once holding a revival meeting in a certain town.  In that town there was a leading doctor who had never gone to church.  The doctor’s wife, on the other hand, was a wonderful Christian leader.  The doctor claimed to be an infidel; he’d make fun of his wife and never go to church.

Finney was an educated man who was trained to be a lawyer.  This woman thought if her husband could talk to Finney, Finney would be able to help him.  So she kept insisting that Finney come to the house on one of his days off.  After much persuasion, Finney finally agreed to go to their home for a noon meal.

This doctor had a brother who was a farmer and a deeply spiritual man.  The brother would come and stay in their home and go to Finney’s meetings.  This farmer brother was staying there at the time Finney came to lunch.  Actually, the doctor was a little ashamed of his brother because his brother wasn’t educated.

At the time appointed, Finney went to this doctor’s house, and as the four of them were at the table, the woman asked Finney to pray.  Finney bowed his head and began to pray, but was checked in his spirit.  He stopped praying and said that the Lord wanted the farmer brother to pray.

The brother began praying, but suddenly he just grabbed ahold of his stomach and started groaning, weeping, and crying.  He jumped up for the table and ran up the stairs to his bedroom.  Finney said he jumped up and followed him.

The doctor thought something was physically wrong with his brother, so he jumped up, too.  He reached the brother’s room before Finney.  As Finney started to go into the room, the doctor was coming out of the room to get his medical bag.  He said his  brother had some type of stomach cramps.

But Finney took the doctor by the arm and said, “Doctor, there’s nothing physically wrong with him.  Your brother has a spirit of travail and intercession.  He is praying and interceding for someone who is lost, and I think it is for your soul.”  The doctor jerked loose from Finney and said he didn’t believe in that.

The doctor left and Finney went into the bedroom and shut the door.  There the brother was just in an agony of prayer, in the Spirit.  Finney knelt down beside him, and he began to groan in the Spirit, too.

You see, you can help lift a spiritual load just like you can a physical load.  In other words, if someone else is groaning and interceding in the Spirit, as the Spirit wills, you can pick up that prayer burden and begin to groan and travail just as the other person is groaning and travailing. 

Finney began to feel part of the prayer burden coming off of him.  So for forty-five minutes they knelt and groaned in the Spirit in prayer.

I know from experience that when you’re interceding for someone whose soul is lost, it feels like your own soul is lost when it actually isn’t.  But because you are taking someone’s burden upon you, you actually feel on the inside as if you were lost.  Some people have had that burden and didn’t know what it was.  but that is intercession for a lost soul.  If you have a burden given to you by the Spirit of God, go ahead and groan and travail as the Spirit wills and pray it out.

We will continue and finish this section tomorrow.  This is such a rich teaching and so important to be educated in!  I hope you are enjoying the study as much as I am!  Blessings to you, precious reader!   Juliana


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    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning that book!! My mother is a member of an intercessory prayer group at her church and that is the book they studied when they started it! I am grabbing it for sure! Thank you, again! I am so excited!! Blessings, precious heart!! Juliana

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