your inside answer to outside pressure


I know we have been talking about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and we will continue that vital subject tomorrow!  Today, God wants something different.  Praise God for the Holy Spirit, Who is our teacher, letting me know the subject has to veer for today!  Somebody needs this desperately and praise God it is going to go off in someone who needs immediate relief from outside pressures and stress!

I got a new bedroom suit for Mother’s Day.  It was delivered today, which means I had to clean out my old dresser and put what I wanted to keep in the new one.  As I began on one of the drawers my eyes fell to an old (October, 2011) “Believer’s Voice of Victory” magazine.  I had highlighted certain things that helped me during a rough spot in life.  As I read them, they became fresh again.  It is good to read the same scriptures over and over, confess the same things over and over, and hear things over and over!  It drills it into your soulish arena.  BUT, it should be inclusive not exclusive to what you are learning in God.  For instance, it would not be good if I only wrote on two subjects!  James warns us of this in the book of James.  He says if we do this we don’t mature!  You have to include the ENTIRE Bible not just bits and pieces of it.  I tell you this because I used to be under a minister that taught basically four subjects, and that was okay for my husband and me because we studied independently, also;  but, there were others that did not and they never grew up.  They ended up being some of the most immature believers I have ever known!  Stay in a balanced church with a balanced pastor!!!  I didn’t mean to include this but I know  this is necessary for someone!  Now, with that being said, let us move on!

I read the New York Times bestseller “Unbroken” by  Laura Hillenbrand.  In this book, which is a true story, SPOILER ALERT,  Louis Zamperini, was shot down while serving in World War II.  Only three of the men on the fighter plane survived.  Louis, along with the pilot who survived, had injuries but the third survivor came out unscathed!  They were in a lifeboat for months and in that time Louis and his pilot began to heal and mend!  The odd thing was, the man who sustained no injuries began to deteriorate in his health.  Louis noticed this and began to question why.  The reason was, Louis and his pilot buddy had hope of being rescued, but the third survivor lost all hope and when he did he literally began to physically die!

What you have on the inside of you will either empower you or it will kill you! When Jesus is on the inside and you let His thoughts become your thoughts, then life comes to you mentally, emotionally, and physically!!   Satan comes with words of disappointment, rejection, discouragement, and hopelessness to suck the “ZOE” life of God right out of you!  If you think thoughts of “My life has always been one failure after another, I have never had anything but one disappointment after another, and why would it change now?” that is the devil talking to you!  Jesus didn’t say that is what your life would consist of.  Yes, He said there would be definite trouble, but to cheer up for He had OVERCOME THE WORLD FOR YOU!  You must be pretty important if Jesus would leave heaven to overcome adversity JUST FOR YOU!  I don’t see any world leaders knocking on my door to tell me they are here to give me a KINGDOM, but Jesus sure came knocking!!  And, glory to God, I answered!!  Is there any higher power on the earth or in the supernatural that is stronger than Jesus?  NO!!  If He is for you, and He is, who can be against you??  Don’t even think about who, you will sit there the rest of your life because there is NO ONE!  Let me save you some time, precious heart!  Ken Copeland said in this magazine…

 Never forget this: Once you truly see that the very Spirit and power of Jesus resides on the inside of you, nothing—no amount of debt, no disease, no problem of any kind—-will be able to defeat you.  When your inner image of the Jesus who lives in you becomes bigger than your image of the problems around you, you’ll conquer any challenge the devil brings your way.

So get to work on that inner image.  Begin to look inside yourself and say: “I am the righteousness of God.  I have fellowship with my heavenly Father.  I do walk with Him hand in hand and Jesus Christ is my blood brother.  Through Him I have an eternal blood covenant with Almighty God.”

The answer to everything is inside you right now.  Everything you’ll ever need is in your spirit.  All the money…all the health…all the strength…all the wisdom…all of it is in you because that’s where Jesus is! 

2 Corinthians 4:7

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Treasure in Clay Jars

7 Now we have this treasure in clay jars, so that this extraordinary power may be from God and not from us.

8 We are pressured in every way but not crushed; we are perplexed but not in despair; 9 we are persecuted but not abandoned; we are struck down but not destroyed.

Paul fixed his attention, not on external circumstances, but on his inner man because that is where the excellency of God’s power is.  The Greek word for “perplexed” means “to be cornered by the circumstances”.  In other words, even when it looks like there is no way out, I can find a way out if I look on the inside.  I can see Jesus saying, “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you, even to the ends of the earth.”

You can handle anything if you will do these three things:

1.  Remember where the pressure is coming from.  (The OUTSIDE!!!)  And remember where your life force comes from.  (THE INSIDE!!!)

2.  Stop running on a spiritual deficit.  Take time to feed your inner man with The Word of God. 

3.  Focus on Jesus inside you until your inner picture of Him is bigger than the outside situations you’re facing.

If you’ll build up your spirit man in those three ways, when the pressure comes it won’t affect you like it used to.  Problems that once knocked you flat won’t even bother you anymore.

I hope the devotional today has helped you, precious reader!  I pray you are abundantly blessed in every area of your life!  God bless you today and always!   Juliana


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