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Christian Devotions

One night not long ago, I was talking to hubby about something I had read.  I don’t even remember the exact article for sure but  it was something Ken Copeland had written.  Suddenly, I felt I needed to tell him something Ken  had written years and years ago before this particular article that didn’t even pertain to what I had talked about.  I thought it was odd, but I knew I was supposed to say it so I told him anyway, feeling silly the whole time!

It shocked me how I remembered the article in such detail because it had been at least five years since I had read it.   I told hubby I didn’t know why I was telling him about it, other than I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to say it.  It was something the Lord had wanted him to know.

The next day was Saturday and hubby always gets up before I do.  He usually does his Bible study during this time.  We both try to stay in a book that is going to build our spirit man up and keep us as sharp as we can be in the things of God.  Hubby always listens for the ceiling fan to go off in our room and gives me time to get myself together before he comes in to tell me good morning.

On this particular morning, as soon as I turned the ceiling fan off I could hear him walking down our hallway.  I could tell his steps were faster than usual.  You have to know hubby.  He is calm and doesn’t get excited about much (most of the time).  This particular day was different.

When he came into the room he immediately asked me when I had read about the blessing Ken and Gloria spoke of in the article I had told him about the night before.  I told him it was many years ago.  He looked at me with surprised eyes and said, “You haven’t read any of the book I am reading right now?”  “No, I am waiting for you to finish it” was my reply.  He then began to explain that in the book he had read for about a month ( he reads slowly in order to really digest it), the story I told him the night before he had come up in the book that very day.  This was no coincidence!

I have written about praying in the Spirit and how God will tell you of things to come.  God had told me a few things that were coming.  I had told hubby about what the Lord had spoken to me during my prayer time.  Little did I know, but they were in the same book he was reading.  God was giving a vision with a promise,  AND a confirmation of it all at the same time.

Suddenly, the very thing God spoke began to show up in various ways of confirmation all around us.  We began to see the steps beginning to unfold!  It was as though we were on a road we had never been on, but the way was being made clear as we went.  I cannot share what this is yet, but I will soon because I sense in my spirit it is very, very near!!

There is a scripture that says without a vision the people perish.  Vision gives birth to faith and faith gives birth to manifestation of the vision!  James 2:18b Message Bible states:

 You can no more show me your works apart from your faith than I can show you my faith apart from my works. Faith and works, works and faith, fit together hand in glove.

Faith will always produce a work!  But, without hope for something (the vision), faith cannot ever even get started.  It is like a car.  Hope is the car, but faith is the key for the car to crank and run by.  Without the key (faith) the car (the vision, or the hope that gave birth to it) will never go anywhere!  Hope sees it, and faith brings it!  Hope gives birth to faith and faith births works! 

Many of you have had a vision, a dream, a knowing of something God is wanting to bring into your life.  It seems like it has taken a while to manifest.  I am telling you, prepare!  If God has promised you a baby and you have faith for it, start working on the nursery!  Pick out your theme!  If God has promised you a new home, start looking at magazines and pick out your kitchen, family room, colors, etc.. 

My pastor’s wife had asked God for an updated kitchen.  She LOVES to cook!  In fact, serving others in this way is one of her ministries.  She began to go through magazines and began looking at various kitchens.  When she would find something she liked, she would tear out the page and keep it.  Finally, the day came for her new kitchen.  She sat down with the man who was to do the remodeling and showed him all her favorite things from the magazines she had collected over time (her vision).  Today, she has that “magazine” kitchen!  When I looked at it for the first time and noticed all the neat things she had I asked her what made her think to do each thing a certain way.  She told me, “I have believed God for a new kitchen so I looked at magazines and picked out what I liked best and it just all came together!”  That is FAITH WITH WORKS!  She believed and she has the kitchen (work) to prove it!

It is no different for you or me!  Keep your vision before you!  Keep it fresh.  Write it down in detail if you need to.  Then ask God for it.  Believe you receive according to His Word and praise Him for it!  The Lord has had me walking my house thanking Him for the manifestation of the promise today!  It is surely coming!  God wouldn’t have me thanking Him for giving me nothing!  He has me praising Him because He is giving what I am thanking Him for!!  Don’t lose heart, don’t give up, and don’t put a “cap” on your God given vision!  Nothing is too hard for God, and you will see all He has promised!

Blessings in great abundance to you, precious reader!!  I will see you soon!    Juliana


6 thoughts on “Christian Devotions-When Dreams and Visions Begin to Manifest

  1. Hi Julianna- You are so right, and great of you to point out. I think so many men and women don’t allow themselves to listen and then dream and they miss so many of the wonderful things God has in store for them. The saying “What you think about, you bring about” is one way of saying it, another is scripture, “As a man (or woman) thinketh in his heart, so he is” Proverbs 23:7. When we allow ourselves to believe what God has said, and we think on these things and believe in our hearts- He will bring to fruition. After all, it was HIS idea. Hallelujah!

  2. Excellent post! Good Godly Biblically back suggestions that will work. Extremely encouraging to know that this works with any age group if they will just put the Word into action!

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