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Welcome back to our series on the baptism in the Holy Spirit!  We are still studying from Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin‘s “Bible Prayer Study Course”.  It has been a refresher for me, and I hope you are enjoying it, dear reader!!  Grab your coffee or tea and let’s dive right in!

A friend whom I had known since he was a child, became a minister when he grew up.  When he was in his early twenties he went to prach a service one night, and on the way back home, a fellow who was weaving all over the highway in his automobile hit this minister’s car head on.

At this time the young minister and his wife were living with the minister’s father who was a pastor.  The father got a call from the hospital and was told that his son had been in a car wreck.

When the father got there, the doctors told him that his son’s neck and back were broken, and that he was paralyzed from his waist down and was unconscious.  The doctor said the young minister would always be paralyzed to some extent, and they doubted if he would ever make much improvement.  Actually, the doctors couldn’t believe he wasn’t dead.  They put him in a full body cast.  His neck and his back were broken, and he was unconscious.  The father stayed by his son’s bedside all night.  At one point, his son had temporarily regained consciousness but had again lapsed back into unconsciousness.

The next night when the father went to the hospital, the young man was still unconscious.  The father told the nurses he was going to stay and pray at his son’s bedside.

The young minister regained consciousness for a little while again that night.  The father told his son to blink his eyes if he could understand what he was saying to him, so the son blinked his eyes.  Then the young man lapsed back into unconsciousness.  The father stayed and prayed.  He began to pray at 8:00 in the evening.  At 12:00 midnight, the father was still praying in tongues.  He heard the nurse come in but he never opened his eyes; he just kept praying in tongues.  He prayed about ten hours in tongues.

Early the next morning at almost 6:00, the father got up and went over to his son.  He saw that his son was lying there with his eyes open.  He asked his son if he could hear him, and his son spoke up and said he could.  The young man told his father that he was alright and that God had healed him.  The young man began to wiggle his fingers and toes; he had feeling all over his body.

The nurse and the doctor came in, and they both said it was truly amazing; it was a miracle!  The young minister told them that God had healed him and he wanted the doctor to take the cast off.  He told the doctor that he would find that the two breaks in his back and neck were healed and that he was alright. 

After much persuasion the doctor took the young minister and x-rayed his spine.  The doctor came back and said he just couldn’t believe it!  He couldn’t even find where his back had been broken.  God had mended it so that it was just as normal as it was before!  The doctor examined the X-rays again and still couldn’t find anything.  They kept the young man hospitalized for a day or two and kept checking him.  They told him to wear a neck brace for a little while, but he went home and took it off.

Years later this man was still alright.  He’s been out preaching the gospel for years.  The church had prayed about it, but the father got the job done when he began to pray in the Spirit.  He got the help of the Holy Ghost.  You increase your power in prayer one hundred percent by praying in other tongues!

Many times I have prayed in tongues for hours, and in tha time the tongues have changed and I have spoken half a dozen different tongues or languages.  Many times as the tongues would change, God would let me see foreign people.  I would see foreign houses or buildings.  That vision would stay before me all the time I was praying in tongues.  I didn’t know what tongues I was praying in, but I knew I was praying for those foreign people in their native tongue.

In some cases, I would later pick up a Pentecostal magazine and see the picture of he very folks for whom I was praying.  I would read about a revival that broke out in that area.  I believe the Spirit of God enabled me to have a part in it.  You can stay home and have a part in the work of God around the world.  There are more ways than one to “go” and take the gospel around the world.

No matter how much I read this, it blesses me.  Little did Rev. Hagin know at the time that the internet would exist and we would be able to write and minister to people all over the world!  I wonder if some dear grandmother prayed that in!!  If she did, what a reward she has coming in heaven!!!  Praise God, we can be missionaries to foreign countries in our living rooms, praying in the Spirit and writing what God wants ALL the earth to know…that He loves them and Jesus died to save them!! 

Come back tomorrow when we will be reading “Praying in Tongues is Unselfish Prayer”.  I know you will be blessed by the devotion!  Have a blessed day, precious reader!!  I will see you soon!  Juliana

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