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My brother is a board certified attorney.  He missed a genius I.Q. by 5 points.  All of his life everything he ever touched turned to gold.  He was in National Honor Society along with many other honor societies and classes, and then when he went to college he became the Student Government Association‘s president among many other honorable positions.  He got into one of the top law schools on his first try and he has been my parent’s pride and joy since we got him from Edna Gladney at the age of 9 days old.  Yes, he is adopted!

My mother was not supposed to have children due to a heart condition.  She ignored doctors warnings and had me and almost did not live through it. It was my parent’s only choice to adopt!  They have never regretted that decision!  What if my brother’s birth mother had decided to abort him instead?  How very sad for so many!  She was young, just eighteen years old.  This was in a time you were considered at a very low estimation if you had a baby out-of-wedlock.  She put aside herself in every way to have my brother.  What great selfless love on this wonderful lady’s part!!

Why abort when there are so many couples who have tried everything, just to have one, “I am so sorry” answer from the doctor after another?  “Thou shalt not kill”  means just that!  You DON’T kill!!  For those that would say, “Well, in the first stages it isn’t a baby!”  What is it then??  A guppie???? 

When I was eleven weeks pregnant with the Rev. I began to bleed profusely.  My doctor sent me directly to the E.R. for an ultrasound to be sure I had not miscarried.  As the technician began my ultrasound at just 11 weeks gestation (notice that is just a little over 2 months; women rarely know they are pregnant at this point, it is so early) I saw the sweetest little thing.  There was a head, legs, feet, arms, and hands that looked like minus signs they were so tiny.  He was asleep at first and not moving.  As she probed my stomach for pictures of my baby she awakened him and suddenly, my BABY turned on his side to FACE ME!  His little hands went from being inanimately suspended in air to him putting each hand on each little cheek!  I cried, and fell instantly in love with my precious baby!!  I will never forget that moment!  How human can you get people???  My son was a human, not a guppy, not just a burst of cells (which is life, I might add!)!  He was forever my baby, THEN and now!

 I have counselled women for a long time.  I know the horrors that can happen to women.  When it comes to the life of the mother over the child I can only imagine what a husband can do.  He has to make a choice and it isn’t one he WANTS to have to make!  But if a woman is aborting because she doesn’t want to lose her figure (shame on your vain self!!!), she doesn’t have time for a child, she isn’t ready to be a mother, the father suddenly skips out and she cannot care for her LOVED baby as it needs,  then adoption is the sure and only answer!

My father was in medicine for over 40 years and is still a medical consultant.  When he began to tell me about “live abortions” I had to stop him and I lost the contents of my stomach.  A baby can feel when you are only eight weeks pregnant.  It feels pain, just as you and I do.  They feel the abortion!  It is one of the most horrendous ways to die!  How hard is it to go to an adoption center, who will pay for ALL of your care and give to a couple who can never know the joy of growing a family??  How selfless and loving, just as my brother’s birth mother was!

If you have had an abortion, I don’t condemn you, precious heart!!  I don’t know what you were going through and the Lord has forgiven it and forgotten it if you have repented!  Know you will see your healthy baby again one day, if you are a Christian.  That is not what this article is about!  I just want you to realize there is an answer for you or someone you may know that is considering this!  There is more than hope for you!!!  Please, give hope to your baby, too!  Know you gave the greatest gift of love a mother can give when you gave life and a child’s life a chance.  In my opinion, you are literally a heroine!

Nothing is EVER hopeless with God…and I do mean NOTHING!!  Blessings to you, precious reader!  I will see you soon!   Juliana


6 thoughts on “Christian Devotions-ADOPTION, DON’T ABORT!!!!

  1. The story you shared about your son hit very, very close to home. I’m actually going to be sharing a similar experience I had (threatened miscarriage) in an upcoming post. You are absolutely right. There was NOTHING like seeing my daughter’s heart beating on the screen, and she was only weeks old. It doesn’t get more real than that. Choose life!!! 🙂

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