ring doorbell
A preacher was walking down the street when he notices a little boy trying to ring the doorbell but it’s just out of his reach. He watches his efforts for some time and walks over to press the bell. After he pressed it he leveled down to the boy and asked’ “Now what?” to which the boy turned and shouted, “NOW WE RUN!!”

6 thoughts on “Laughter Does a Body Good…The Preacher and the Doorbell

    1. LOL! Sweet preacher was only trying to help, and that boy was full of mischief!! Sounds just like something I would do!! LOL! Blessings, Terra!! Good to see you!!!

      1. This tickled me! I was picturing it in my mind how it took place! I can only imagine the Preachers facial expression afterwards! Hahaha!

        It was great to stop by and see you Juliana! Blessings to you dear sister! Hugs!!!

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