When someone is in the hospital from my church, my husband and I will go and visit that person and their family in the hospital.  This week dear friends of ours had to have a stay in the hospital due to unexplained fainting incidences that was happening to the husband.  When our friend fainted one of several times, he hurt his shoulder very badly!  They told the doctor and he said he would have to be discharged and go to his personal doctor AGAIN, because he came in with a head injury primarily, not a shoulder injury primarily.  They can only treat what they came in with primarily!!   I heard from a good source, allegedly  it is an “insurance thing, but it does all tie back into “Obamacare” in some way”. 

Not only is this EXTRA COST to YOU as a patient, it is horrible a patient must suffer when, before allegedly OBAMACARE,  they could be in the hospital, and  everything that was wrong could be treated and taken care of at once!  Does this mean, if you have a heart attack, but you came in PRIMARILY with a broken bone you cannot be saved from the heart attack???  Our so called representatives voted this in and we get to learn from horrible experiences later!!  I was appalled by this!!  No wonder congress elected to not be included in this shameful bill! 

What is sad is the fact we are powerless to stop this!   We sent elected and semi-trusted officials to literally protect us from this type of garbage and they only took care of themselves!  This family I am telling you about have two children and both work and work hard!  They, just like the rest of us, don’t have time or money to burn!  This is waste, waste, waste!!  It a waste of OUR TIME, MONEY, AND LOSS OF PRODUCTIVITY TO OUR EMPLOYERS!!  I ask you, where is the sense in this??

Let us never again stand by and just let things happen!  If all we can do is call, write, or carry a sign that tells how we feel or think then let us do what we can until the message gets through!  Vote every single one of these senseless politicians out and show we ARE THE PEOPLE that put them where they were and we,  through our votes, can take them back out!  I am not impressed with your fake smile, one second handshake, and your baby kissing, and empty promises!!  God help this country!!  May God bless America, once the home of the free and ALWAYS the home of the brave!!  STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN AND KNOW TO BE RIGHT!   Let EVERY voice be heard for justice, and that is yours and mine!!


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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