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Christian Devotions –

Christian devotions are important because they take the Bible and make it practical to your life today!  The Christian devotion I want to write about today has to do with one of the biggest problems we face, and that is BURN OUT! 

I read in a study recently that burn out is increasing in dramatic proportions!  Stress is on the rise because of the unstable economy, the rise of crime, terrorism that is closer to home, single parent families, and what can appear there is no end in sight. 

As Christians, God has promised us that no matter the situation of the world WE flourish!  In order to flourish we can’t just do what we think is best.  We MUST be led by the Spirit of God.  As we see in the following verse,

Proverbs 3

Amplified Bible (AMP)

5 Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.

6 In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.

I want to share with you some steps to not only avoid burn out, but to literally stop it in its tracks!

1.  Stay in a PERSONAL relationship with God!  I cannot emphasize this enough!  This is why we pray.  Prayer is a direct connection to God, our Father!  It is so important to pray by entering “His gates with thanksgiving”, to pray in the Spirit, and to listen intently to His voice!  Prayer is literally praise and praise always brings breakthroughs in our lives!  God has much to tell us.  This is where we get re-energized, get new direction, and where we are assured God has our situation well in hand!

2.  Stay in the WORD!  John 1:1 Amplified Version says, “In the beginning [before all time] was the Word ([a]Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God [b]Himself.”  When you read the Word, you are literally learning the WAY God does things.  Just as we have physical laws (gravity, the law of lift and thrust to fly) we have supernatural laws!  The supernatural laws of God always PERFORM THE IMPOSSIBLE!  Let us look at the law of lift and thrust for a moment.  I can jump off the roof and flap my arms as fast as I can and the law of gravity is going to take over and I am going to come crashing down!  BUT, if I get in an airplane and enforce the law of lift and thrust, then I am going to fly!  What did I do?  I put a higher law into motion!!  When we use the word of God over the ways of the world, we have enforced a higher law and it works for us and what we need every single time!!  This is why confession of the word is so important!  God watches over His word to perform it, but if you don’t speak it you give Him nothing to work with in your life!  He can only perform the word we give to Him!

3.  Stay with a church that teaches Jesus is the only way to heaven and with people who love, support you, and befriend you!  Stay with a church that is solid in its teaching of the word!  Do you know one of the leading causes of Alzheimers is not having a close social circle?  People who are loners, have few to no friends, don’t play games (yes, play card games, etc.) are much more likely to develop this terminal disease!  Their brains are not active and therefore a protein can form blocking necessary brain function!  Christian friends will sharpen you!  They sharpen your mental capacity and they sharpen you spiritually.  Now we see where the verse comes from in Proverbs that says “Iron sharpens iron”!  Stay with like-minded fellow believers.  When that unexpected need for prayer comes up, you won’t feel all alone!  You can go and be honest and not be afraid of being judged, because you are with people who LOVE YOU!!!  You have a SUPPORT SYSTEM!  We all need that security!!  STAY WITH YOUR FLOCK!!!  The wolf always gets the sheep that is out by themselves.  That is why the shepherd leaves the others to go and get it!

You may say to me, “Juliana, this is just too easy!  Burn out is so horrible and so strong, how can anything so simple be the answer?”  Because nothing is hard or too hard with God!  We make it complicated by reasoning it out ourselves! 

I hope this Christian devotion has helped you, precious reader!  Remember I post Christian devotions daily!  I hope you stop by and are touched by what God has given me to share with you!!  Blessings to you!!   Juliana

2 thoughts on “Christian Devotions-Avoiding Burn Out

    1. Thank you and glory to God! Yes, you are so right! We have to set healthy boundaries and those are 2 great ways to do it! Thank you so much for your input!! God bless you! Juliana

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