I first want to let you know, when I (Juliana) post anything on health, fitness, recipes, they are NOT Kim approved!  I don’t know half of what she does and I am learning so much!!  Also, when we tell you anything about supplements,etc., it is for knowledge only!!!  We are not RECOMMENDING anything!  That is for your doctor alone to do and you should see your doctor before doing ANYTHING!!   I have not even had a chemistry class in my life, if that tells you anything!!   

With that being said I want to tell you about something I discovered yesterday at the health food and vitamin store!  As you all know, since the beta blocker I have really struggled with my weight!  I know that blood pressure and weight gain are related and I also knew just losing 20 pounds would definitely help me!  At the health food and vitamin store I had heard of Garcinia Cambogia.  I decided to check into it more.  After talking to their supplement lady, I decided to try it. 

It was my mother’s birthday, PRAISE GOD!!!  As you all know she has had 2 near death experiences with her heart since last August, and we celebrated another year!  GLORY TO GOD!!  That being said, we took her out to eat and I took one of the capsules.  I ate 2 rolls, half of a steak, and green beans and a salad.  Any other time this would have put 2-3 pounds on me!  This morning I WAS 3 POUNDS LIGHTER!!  This has not happened to me since I have been on the beta blocker because they slow your metabolism down, and sometimes shut it down, which is what happened to me according to my doctor.

I found out if you don’t diet you will lose about 2 pounds per week!  BUT, if you do diet and exercise  (which is what I have chosen to do), some have lost up to 7 pounds per week!  I AM NOT RECOMMENDING YOU DO THIS, but it doesn’t hurt to know about it, right?  I am simply telling you what it did for me so you can research it out if you would like to and check with your doctor!  I am thrilled and actually feel better! 

You can google it and find out more.   I learned most health food stores do carry it!  🙂

Blessings to you, precious reader!   Juliana


4 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You!

    1. I am so glad! I have energy during the day, but I am able to sleep at night. I don’t take the full dose they say. I only take 2 a day, but yesterday I only had one and it gave me amazing results!! Blessings!! Juliana

    1. Girl, I cannot believe how good I feel!! Plus, being thrilled with the scale for a change! Lol! It is a fruit that is grown in India, and I first read about it through Dr. Oz! They have it at Basic Foods. 🙂

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