my sons life as a minister

Today, I am writing about something very near and dear to my heart…my son, as well as all of my family.  Almost a year after graduating from seminary my son has obtained a wonderful job as a minister to a “College and Career” group in Arkansas.  I am praising God!! 

This past year I have watched the enemy do everything he thought possible to discourage both of my children from their callings and dreams.  I watched them, and even though they didn’t say a word, I could see them fighting discouragement and thoughts of “Will it ever happen?”  If you are a mother, you know you take this on yourself, personally.  I had a fight, too!  But, praise be to God Who ALWAYS gives us a surpassing victory!! 

For a few days the Lord has spoken to me to share what I pray over my family.  I pray a prayer of protection, favor, wisdom, and growing beyond our years in the things of God.  I am going to pray my daily prayer now and hope it will encourage you, dear reader.  When I pray this prayer, it literally brings peace where worry and fear tried to edge in, joy where disappointment tried to take over my mind, and a deeper trust that all is well, not just going to be alright.  The prayer is as follows and is in boldface and italics.

Father, I come before You in the name above all names, Jesus!  I thank you for keeping Your hand on my family (I name them individually throughout the prayer).  I thank You it says in Psalm 91 that no evil shall befall us, no plague shall come nigh our dwelling and You send Your angels to keep us in ALL of our ways of going and coming!  I ask You to send warring protecting angels to surround us and keep us!  I thank You we are covered in the blood of Jesus!  I plead the blood of Jesus over our physical bodies and every organ, cell, bone, and tissue!  I plead the blood of Jesus over us mentally and emotionally, so that we act and think with wisdom at all times.  I thank You we have Your favor that surrounds us as a shield!  I thank You, Your word says in ALL of our ways You cause us to triumph and You give us surpassing victories!  I thank You, according to Your word, You perfect ALL things concerning us!!  I thank you we are the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath!  I thank you everywhere we go and everything we put our hand to it is met with great success, just as Your word says!  I thank You, that even though we have planned our way, You Father, direct our steps getting us to where YOU would have us to be, exactly when we should be there!!  We are in the right places at the right times!!  I thank You we have the mind of Christ!  I thank You that You send angels to dig out our ears so that we easily and quickly hear Your voice and we are quick to obey what You say!  I love You and praise You, Father, for You are worthy of ALL praise and glory!!  In the mighty name of Jesus I pray!   AMEN!

I hope you have found comfort in this prayer God spoke to me to pray.  I know when I pray it, my day is so much more stress free and, no matter what the circumstances may be facing our family, God has them well in hand!!

Blessings to you, precious reader!!  I will see you soon!   Juliana

God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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