As you know, I am an absolute true believer that God can HEAL us (not relieve us for the moment) but actually HEAL us through prayer, diet and essential oils. I’m not talking just the sniffles or some toe fungus. I’m talking slipped discs, arthritis, diabetes, cancer. Yes, I said CANCER! Did you know, essential oils are the life blood of plants, breathed by God? They are intelligent and have every ability to HEAL! You can be healed of the issues you are dealing with, I promise you. And I wouldn’t just say that if I didn’t believe it whole heartedly. Those are very strong words and you’re probably thinking… “Sure, you have an oil that can heal my fibromyalgia?… the doctor’s say there is no cure!!! Whatever.” But I am telling you, God wants you HEALED and you CAN be, through prayer and therapeutic-grade essential oils!

 Now, don’t go jumping off your meds and bathing yourself in vegetable oil. If you are dealing with a serious illness, there is a process to the healing. But PLEASE (oh, please!) read the health benefits below and know that there are the most amazing testimonies out there and your healing is just waiting to happen!


20 Health Benefits


  1. AFFECT EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: The aroma of therapeutic oils triggers physiological and psychological responses: lift moods, aid in reducing “the lows”, increase alertness, calm anxiousness, and clears memory .
  2. SUPPORT IMMUNE FUNCTION: Some therapeutic essential oil constituents mimichuman immunoglobulin, elevate lymphocytes and stimulate our natural immune system.
  3. SUPPLY POTENT ANTIMICROBIALS: Research supports that therapeutic oils are highly effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, and even the “superbug” (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus~MRSA). Bacteria do not mutate in the presence of therapeutic oils.
  4. REDUCE INFLAMMATION: Caused by bacteria, poor diet, injuries, an over-burden of toxins, hormonal imbalances, inflammation is at the root of most degenerative diseases.
  5. EASE STRESS AND ANXIETY: Excessive stress, tension, and anxiety are the physiological responses to our “thoughts and beliefs” and trigger unresolved emotions. This phenomenon is often associated with chronic illnesses and imbalance of body-systems. Therapeutic oils are known to soothe, bringing peaceful thoughts, quieting thoughts, and calming the physical body.
  6. DECREASE INSOMNIA: Reseach studies support that lavender promotes sleep,enhances relaxation and decreases anxiety. However, it must be therapeutic-grade Lavandula angustifolia. Other oils also are effective sleep aids.
  7. PROVIDE NATURAL PAIN RELIEF: Massage into sore, tired muscles; use with a warm compress; apply to brain stem, deeply inhale.
  8. REJUVENATE SKIN: Used for thousands of years to restore, rejuvenate, and improve damaged, wrinkled skin. Now used to clear acne, clogged pores, eczema, dark spots, and stretch marks.
  9. PROTECT AGAINST COLDS AND INFLUENZA: With antimicrobial actions, therapeutic oils protect against colds, flu, and aid respiratory tissues. Inhale oils, put in hot tea, put in empty capsules to aid lungs, ears, and throat problems.
  10. SOOTHE DIGESTIVE DISORDERS: Effective relief for nausea, indigestion, heartburn, gas, diarrhea, irritable bowel. Rub on abdominal area; take internally in water or empty capsules.
  11. IMPROVE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: Therapeutic essential oils oxygenate and “cleanse” cells. As healthier blood carries oxygen and nutrients to healthier cells, the vascular system is free of clots, arteriosclerosis, and broken veins.
  12. PROMOTE OPTIMAL ENDOCRINE FUNCTION: This delicate system includes 9 glands that interconnect with organs, hormones, and each other to maintain our body’s balance and metabolism in nearly all functions. Stress and imbalance in the endocrine system is at the root of many western culture degenerative diseases.
  13. SUPPORT THE URINARY SYSTEM: For over 70 years, oils have been recommended for aid in kidney, bladder, and urinary infections. Rub oils over the kidney area; take internally in water or empty capsules.
  14. SOOTHE BURNS, SUNBURNS, MINOR CUTS and SCRAPES: The power of lavender to heal burns was “re-discovered” pre-WWI. Therapeutic oils are antiseptic and cleansing and can be very effective in healing.
  15. SUPPORT MUSCLES AND BONES: When overworked, stressed or burdened with toxins, muscle tissue and bone/joints become stiff and painful. Oils applied to areas give support, reduce inflammation and heat.
  16. PROVIDE ORAL AND DENTAL CARE: Bacteria in the mouth can cause disease in other parts of the body, including the heart. The therapeutic oils in oral care products by Young Living kill microbes associated with tooth decay, gum disease, systemic infections and unpleasant mouth odor.
  17. NOURISH AND STRENGTHEN HAIR: Essential oils make excellent hair care ingredients to rejuvenate hair, encourage hair growth, and cleanse follicles. Young Living personal care products do not contain harmful toxic ingredients (SLS, propylene glycol) that are stored in fatty tissue of the heart, liver, lungs, and brain.
  18. IMPROVE MENTAL CLARITY: Therapeutic oils have a profound impact on keeping the mind alert and focused thereby decreasing forgetfulness, dementia, and “brain fog”.
  19. PROTECT AGAINST CANCER: Numerous studies show promising results for the use of therapeutic essential oils to combat specific types of cancer and that in the presence of the constituents of certain oils cancer cells cannot multiply.
  20. PROVIDE SAFE AND NATURAL ALTERNATIVES TO HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS: Research points to common household cleaners as a suspected link to the 55% increase in cancer (specifically for women who work only in the home). The powerful yet safe antimicrobial activities of essential oils make them a natural choice as cleaners and disinfectants.



Why wait any longer? Every single person I talk to on a daily basis has or is taking a prescription drug that has or is NOT helping them. In my opinion, you have nothing to lose. I want to help you in anyway I can. Contact me if you have questions. If you are sick of being sick, CLICK HERE!


 Praying for a healing touch today!


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6 thoughts on “Your healing is right around the corner!

  1. I can attest to the fact these work!! When I first heard about them, I was more than a little skeptical! But, as I thought it through, I asked myself as well what did I have to lose?? They have WORKED and worked incredibly well!! Thank you so much, Kim for this information! They truly work…even on my once skeptical husband!!! 🙂

    1. Juliana, that makes my heart happy! I know God ordained our entire meeting and conversation concerning EVERYTHING we shared! Your testimony (and your hubbys) gives me encouragement that I am walking in what the Lord will have me do right now. 🙂 Thank you for your comment! :):):) I am overjoyed to hear essential oils are working for ya’ll. 🙂

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