prayer request

With all my heart I love and appreciate you, precious reader!  I was not going to say anything to my precious readers about this, but this situation is escalating and I need prayer power! If you remember when my mother became so ill to the point of death, I did not do well with it.  It was so hard on me, I was actually diagnosed with a heart attack the Lord literally healed me of in an elevator on the way the ER from my doctor’s office.  At that time I was told it was tachycardia, was put on a beta blocker and was given a medication for my nerves for that day.

I had a stress test about 2 weeks later that showed my heart to be in excellent condition!  The only problem was the rhythm.  I went to my cardiologist last week for a follow-up visit. I had noticed weight gain, bloating, and a lack of energy, and had severe itching.  These are all signs of adverse side effects of the beta blocker my doctor had me on.  He switched my medication and I am now experiencing a fast heart rate (150) and have high blood pressure at night (140/87-90). I have NEVER in my life had high blood pressure, ever!!  I do have anxiety when this starts which doesn’t help the situation!

My doctor feels this medicine is necessary and I should not come off of it or be switched to another heart medication.  I have gone, in less than a week, from 2 medications to 4 that I did not have to have before!  I did not want to be on any.  All 4 of these are to control the heart rhythm in some way and they are not working. 

I can no longer be active and even blogging has been taken a slower pace.  I am asking you, dear readers, to pray for me!  I was healed of tachycardia in 2006 following a surgery and NEVER  had it again until this past August.  Nahum 1:9 says sickness will not come upon us a second time and I am standing on that, but I do covet and greatly respect your prayers!!!

Thank you so much for praying, and if your church has a prayer chain I would love to be put on that, as well!  Please, pray for wisdom for my doctor and for my body to come in line with the word of God which says by His stripes I AM HEALED!!!

If you see fewer post, you now know why.  I am so very sorry!  Blogging for Jesus is my passion!!

Thank you, again and God bless you!!  Juliana



  1. I’ll be praying for you. I work int he medical industry and I am confused why he is keeping you on this stuff if (A) it is raising your BP, and (B) if it is not working. I wonder if there are any natural things you can do… it’d be worth asking someone with that sort of expertise for sure. God bless you.

      1. Well I sure hope they can tweak it to where you’ll get your blood pressure situated again. In the meantime, I hope you are watching your salt intake and fluid consumption… be aware of hidden sodium too, such as in soda pop. God bless you ♥♥♥

      1. I used to, and still do from time to time, get panic attacks when something strange would happen to me at night… who wouldn’t? What helps me when that happens is number one, praying…of course…and number two, praise and worship music, and sing along with it. But….if it ever gets really bad…or BP gets too high, do not wast any time and get the help you need. Don’t let the BP get too high before calling 911.

      1. Oh. I must have misunderstood. I thought the NEW medicine he has you on was causing this nightly problem for you, but he wanted you on it regardless…and this problem was causing you trouble with blogging, etc. I’m sorry.

    1. No, you got it right!! But, I found out from my pharmacist friend he was treating blood pressure instead of heart rate and that is where the problem was! Now, I know what to take and what NOT to take!

      1. Oh well that’s wonderful. I know I wore a heart monitor twice and have been diagnosed with “Harmless” PVC’s. Although if I take anything with Pseudephedrine in it, ingest too much caffeine, or get under severe distress..which you know I endure a lot of…then it can be dangerous.

    2. Well, I plead the blood over you and satan better not even THINK of hurting you!! Yes, I wore a heart monitor last week…haven’t heard a word! That is good I am thinking!! Love you!!!!!

  2. Praying and believing with you. I check my email everyday to see your next blogs and that’ll be my cue to pray for you everyday. God is faithful and what the devil means for bad God will turn for good and make you stronger. Healthier. More anointed. I sooo love your blogs, photos, and verses. God’s true to His Word and altogether with the others who are praying we confess healing, restoration, strength, and peace of mind and soul in Jesus’ Name. We love you, Juliana. Thanks so much for letting us know so that we can pray with you and see another miracle from God.

    1. Thank you so much! Your kind words have touched my heart!! And so have your prayers!! I am expecting a total turn-around with this! I feel the peace and comfort of the prayers and I thank you!! God bless you, precious heart!! Juliana

  3. Heavenly Father we thank you for the gift of your precious son. We thank you Jesus for taking up the cross and bearing all our sin & disease; For dying on the cross, for your burial in the grave and for the resurrection of life. We adore you Lord!! Father we thank you for your Love, May we grow in it & Walk in it. May it cause us to be a better person for you Lord. Father we pray for our dear sister Juliana today we thank you that her heart is restored to perfect health & that it will remain healthy every day for the rest of her life. We thank you Lord that you will continue to sustain her in all things pertaining to her life. She will grow in strength in mind, body & Spirit…. She is NOT hindered by any plans of the enemy to oppress her in her Godly life. She will continue to be a prosperous disciple of the Kingdom & grow into a greater servant in Christ. Lord we declare that our dear sister in Christ is healed and that the spirit of infirmity that is attacking her must depart from her body. The tachycardia is resolved and you are replacing the fresh oxygen of your Spirit Lord into her heart. Father we thank you that we walk in your divine presence & are blessed and highly favoured by our Heavenly Father. In your name Jesus we Pray. Amen
    ~Sincerely Cindy♥

    1. Praise God!! Praise God!! Thank you, Cindy. That is exactly what God is doing and will continue to do by faith! I appreciate this! This is such a powerful prayer and I receive every single word of it!! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord!! Many, many blessings to you!! Juliana

    1. Ed, I love the way you put so much POWER in so few words, and such simple ideologies! That is so true, and when I read this I felt an INSTANT PEACE!!! Yes, He will fix me! He WILL fix me!!! I am going to meditate on this forever, literally! With each new day, satan tries to bring trouble, but let not my HEART be troubled, Jesus has overcome it! GOD WILL FIX ME!! Thank you for those anointed words! God bless you!! Juliana P.S. This made me cry happy tears!

    1. Thank you so much, Loo!! Those kind words and knowing I am in your prayers literally bring tears to my eyes! How can I say thank you enough?? Blessings to you, precious heart!! Juliana

      1. 🙂 You are most welcome and I know prayer works, and have great faith that the Father hears.

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