I have a friend that works in a hunting and fishing section of a major retailer.  I asked this friend what was truly necessary and what was the process someone must go through in order to buy ANY gun, including assault rifles (which they call modern sporting rifles). 

I was told the process is you must have an up to date drivers license and it must be shown AND it must have your current physical address on it.  The information is taken and permanently logged.  The customer must then fill out a form specifying name, date of birth, height, weight, etc..  At that point, the company workers run a background check.  Many precautions are taken even beyond the background check.  For example, if someone is a “Junior” sometimes it may take a couple of days to be approved so that it can be thoroughly checked that the “Junior” is not the “Senior”! 

When the background check is run, according to the results, you are either approved, denied, or delayed.  Once you are approved, the gun is then registered to your name!  In other words, if you or someone else does anything illegally with the gun, it WILL be traced back to you and you will be arrested!!

The question is this.  Since Joe Blow cannot just walk in off the street and say, “I like that one, I’ll take it.” why is it necessary to add extra restrictions that a criminal mind will find a way to get around?

About 2 weeks ago, my cousin was brutally attacked by three men.  She had gone to her daughter-in-law’s home and while getting out of her car, they jumped her from behind.  She began to scream because they were beating her.  She fought back with no weapon.  They overpowered her and THEY had a gun they kept putting to her head and beneath her chin.  Their intent was to rob, rape, and murder her.  Her daughter-in-law heard the screams.  She came out to check on my cousin and saw what was happening.  Her three children were in the house.  She ran and as she ran one of the men ran after her.  She made it to the bedroom where she had a legally owned gun!  The alleged criminals did NOT have legally owned guns!  She grabbed it and shot the man.  She wounded him to the point he was hospitalized but not killed.  If she had not had the gun, they would have murdered her, her three children and her mother-in-law who also had to be hospitalized with a severe concussion! 

After the arrest of the other two men, the police found out that they had allegedly been burglarizing several houses in the adjacant city.  They had allegedly carjacked another woman, stole her ATM card and when one of the men went in to the store to use it to rob her, one of the other men raped her in her own car.  They did it at gunpoint, in which case they had the gun illegally, all allegedly, of course (ahem)!  I ask you…where is the sense here?  Who is benefitting from additonal gun control?  An upstanding citizen will do what is right and obtain a gun the right way.  A criminal knows no right or wrong and follows their OWN set of rules!  Don’t outlaw or OPEN THE DOOR for criminals to have power over law-abiding, innocent citizens!  Common sense is all it takes to know this is right!

When certain laws are made, as we have seen with Obamacare, it is always filled with loopholes to do things the citizens never had knowledge of!  Don’t allow another law to not only restrict your rights, but nullify your power to make a decision that is best for you and your family!!  Believe me, there will be loopholes you will never be told about in my opinion (covering my behind here)!

Wisdom is needed and necessary.  We must not allow half-truths and people with their own agendas, whoever they may be,  talk us out of or put a “spin” on what we know to be wise and right!  This is not about a political party!  This is about our constitutional right to bear arms for self-protection and preservation of our lives and the lives of those we love and hold dear!!   Juliana


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