wheres the beef

Hebrews 6

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Warning against Regression

6 Therefore, leaving the elementary message about the Messiah, let us go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, faith in God,2 teaching about ritual washings,[a] laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. 3 And we will do this if God permits.

Tonight my husband and I were talking about this very thing. Why is it people take so long to grow up and mature in the Lord?  Do you know this actually causes the body of Christ (the church)  to not be able to move forward as they should and want to?  Why?  Because the pastor is having to deal over and over and over with the same issues every Sunday!  It isn’t fair to those who have read the Word, prayed and meditated on it through the week, and live it everyday, not just when they are in a church building

When a baby is born, it grows consistently.  Every week it gets bigger and quickly it shows mental development!  It isn’t long until people are telling the parents how fast the baby has grown and how smart it is.  It was like yesterday, the mother was holding a newborn that could barely hold its head up and now look at how big it is and all it can do!  It should be the same with our spiritual growth!  We were newborn babes when we are first born again, but we aren’t supposed to stay that way for years on end!  We should be steadily progressing, just as that newborn child is.

There was a Wendy’s commercial a few years ago where there were three elderly women who had gone into a hamburger place to eat.  They ordered their hamburgers and when they got them the beef patty was so small one elderly woman called out in a loud voice, “Where’s the beef??”  It is like that today with so many people who are Christians.  They walked an aisle and it just kind of stopped there.  They attend church hit and miss, they read their Bible and study it hit and miss, they are up one day and back down the next!  Where is their substance??  Where is the meat of the Word in their lives?

I live in an area that is not far from the Gulf of Mexico.  We are used to hurricanes.  Galveston Island is very familiar to us.  One year this area was severely hit by a hurricane.  Many of the beautiful beach houses were literally leveled!  What was odd was the fact that some of the older beach houses, those not as fancy or new, were left standing!!  They incurred little to no damage.  I have a friend that works in construction.  As he was out evaluating the damage and giving bids one of the building inspectors of Galveston, Texas was with him.  My friend asked him, “Why did the older beach homes remain intact and the newer ones are so damaged?”  “Because the older homes were built by a stricter and stronger code.  That code changed through the years and the newer ones did not have to meet the old and better code” was the officials response.

I ask you, precious reader, what “code” are you building your life upon?  I know our spirits are made perfect and sealed to the day of Christ‘s returning, but is your soul building on the things God has done in the spirit?  Are you still living out of the old, dead carnal nature?  Are you still recognizable to your old crowd of friends?  Are there noticeable differences to your family?  Are you, yourself building your life on the things of the spirit and growing, or is someone still having to coddle and bottle feed you?  If a storm in life came, would it level you because you have failed to meet the code of the Word, so to speak?  If the meat of the Word was put in front of you, could you chew it and swallow it to where you are growing and absorbing the nutrients of it?  Don’t tell me your pastor doesn’t feed you!  He is feeding you just fine if you are where God has called you to be!  You aren’t able to chew and get what you need out of it is more like it, and because maturity isn’t there pride steps up and blames anyone and everyone but yourself! 

You should not have to be hearing every Sunday the Lord saying to you, “I am coming quickly!  You know not when!  Get your life right, you don’t know when or if you will have another chance!”  Let God be able to say, “I am proud of your love walk, your progress in the things of Me, and your hunger and desire for me!  You are now a vessel I can do something with and through!!”  Believe me, the more mature Christians of the church are longing for this message!  The church as a whole will be better off, so please stop putting it off!  We have a right to be blessed just like you do!  Grow up so we can all have the chance to experience God’s glory to the full, and so that we can all get the nutrients we need!!  Don’t make the Holy Spirit have to drag you!  Step up to what God has for you!  We are ready to be a progressive church for Christ, and it is overdue!  Juliana


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