So I am approaching this issue after much thought and I fully realize you may not like a word I have to say! I’m talking about COFFEE! Most morning drinkers don’t realize it, but those morning cups of “Joe” set our bodies up for a rollercoaster day of highs and lows, only to bottom out at  the point of exhaustion. Just a few hours after consumption, when the artificial  high dies down, many people may reach for more coffee or something sugary to get  another lift, leading to daily fluctuations in energy and alertness, and  possibly to eventual chronic adrenal exhaustion.

 Now, you don’t have to explain your coffee addiction to me. I have not missed a morning without my good friend “Joe” for over 20 years… until 2 weeks ago. And I liked it strong! When people come to my house and drink my coffee, they usually have to really doctor it up or water it down. And I never drank just one cup. All of my mugs are the size of Texas. You could fit 3 cups easy in my favorite mug. Most of the time I would drink 1 1/2 to 2 of those cups throughout the morning, sometimes into the afternoon. You probably don’t make your coffee as strong as mine and you may not even think of drinking that much coffee but just one caffeinated  drink – whether it’s a soft drink, caffeinated tea or coffee – will put your  body on the caffeine rollercoaster. As I began to pay more attention to my body, i noticed that I had a severe sugar craving everyday around 2:00pm. I was tired, cranky, and so worn out! Sometimes I would reach for an afternoon cup of coffee or energy boosting tea. I wasn’t sleeping good at night anymore (and hadn’t been for months) and when I woke in the morning, I felt so groggy until I got some coffee in me.   

 Well, two weeks ago I decided I was done with caffeine. I was done with the junk and sugar I had to put in it to make it taste good. I wanted to feel what it was like to NOT be dependant on coffee.

Well, let me tell ya, for the first 3 days, it did NOT feel so good! I had the most horrible headache I have ever had. My anxiety was creeping up and I was so nauseous. Ugh! But I stuck it out and refused to give in, despite all the advice I got from people around me. That’s when I started researching just what EXACTLY are the side effects of coffee and how is it effecting me.

 When you consume caffeine, the drug begins  its effects by initiating uncontrolled neuron firing in your brain, according to  Stephen Cherniske in his book, Caffeine Blues. This excess neuron  activity triggers your pituitary gland to secrete a hormone that tells your  adrenal glands to produce adrenalin.

Adrenalin is what gives athletes that winning burst of energy and a mother the ability to rescue her child by lifting a car. Adrenalin is also the  source of our “fight-or-flight” response. By  stimulating your adrenal glands to produce adrenalin, caffeine  puts your body in this “fight-or-flight” state, which is useless while you’re  just sitting at your desk. When this adrenal high wears off later, you feel the  drop in terms of fatigue, irritability, headache or confusion. At this point, you may reach for another “hit” of caffeine, followed by  another, and another and maybe even one more. If you constantly keep your body  on a caffeine high, you’re constantly keeping your body in “flight-or-flight”  mode. Your body’s “perspective” of this constant state: “Imagine  you lived in a country that was always under threat of attack. No matter where  you went, there was a perpetual state of alert. Not only that, but your defenses  were constantly being depleted and weakened. Does that sound stressful? Caffeine  produces the same effect on your body, like fighting a war on multiple fronts at  the same time.” You body is in a constant state of alertness,  which is characterized by fatigue,  anxiety, mood swings, sleep disturbance, irritability and depression. After this goes on for a long time, your body enters a state of adrenal exhaustion.  Your caffeine consumption has simply pushed your adrenal glands so much that  they’ve burned out. Caffeine forces your glands to secrete when they  don’t have much left to give, and they have to keep digging deeper and deeper,  making you more and more tired over time. And over the years, it takes more and  more coffee to get the same  result. Some people reach the point of drinking half a dozen or more cups of  coffee to get the same result and it’s barely keeping them awake. That’s severe  adrenal depletion. Caffeine increases the stimulating neurohormone, noradrenaline, and reduces  the calming neurotransmitter, serotonin. In other words, caffeine affects your body just like any drug. You start  taking it slowly, but as your body develops a tolerance to it, you need more and  more to feel the same effects. Eventually, your body reaches a point where it  can’t be without it; otherwise, you will start to experience withdrawal  symptoms.You may think that you don’t drink nearly enough to become addicted to it,  but you probably already are.  Instead of reaching for your morning cup of coffee, you can do your body a  big favor by eating a healthy breakfast instead. I realized very quickly that although I had gone through the withdrawal period and was feeling amazing, every morning I was struggling with my husband’s coffee smelling so good. And I missed that morning ritual. Now I make a Garden of Life Raw Meal smoothie and gives me lots more energy than the coffee did in the end AND it’s great for me. (If you would like to replace your coffee with a Garden of Life smoothie, you can CLICK HERE => Garden of Life Raw Meal, 2.6 lbs. to buy it) 

To read more about he effects of caffeine on the body you can visit:

  David Stewart, PhD. writes in the book “Healing Oils of the Bible”: “Measurements of the human body found that a healthy person has a frequency around 32-68 MHz. When a person’s frequency dips to 58 MHz, cold symptoms can manifest. Flu symptoms start at 57 MHz. Candida at 55 MHz, and Estein Barr syndrome at 52 MHz. Cancer can begin when the body falls at 52 MHz. The process of dying begins at 25 MHz and goes to zero at death.

 In other experiments by Tainio, he measured the effects of coffee, finding that even holding a cup of coffee lowers one’s bodily frequency by 8 MHz and that taking a sip can lower one’s frequency by 14 MHz. When essential oils are inhaled after the exposure to coffee, the bodily frequencies restore themselves in less than a minute, but if no oils are administered, it can take up to three days for the body to recover from even one drink of coffee.”

 Wow! This really makes me rethink the coffee drinking habit I had! I am on the other side now. After 2 weeks, I barely feel a craving and I feel better than I have in years. I wake up in the morning with TONS of really good energy and no anxiety at all! If you are interested in some alternatives to coffee in oils here are a few of my favorites…




 To learn more about Essential Oils and how they work in your body CLICK HERE!

 If you have any questions, or just want to talk about coffee and how to kick the habit, contact me. I would be so blessed to help!

 Have a SUPER Tuesday, Friends!


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10 thoughts on “Not just your regular cup of “Joe”

  1. As someone who makes a living serving up those luscious cups of soothing brown liquid and frothy milk (my wife and I have owned/operated a small coffee house for ten years) this was a hard read, a good read, but hard. Kinda like the sign in my bank right now that says, ‘It’s only $3.75 a day, or $1,300 per year’.
    But I really appreciate your perspective.
    And remarkably, I too, about three weeks ago, have cut back dramatically on my coffee intake! I’ve switched to mostly having herbal or green tea. I’m enjoying the difference.
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Wow! I appreciate your comment so much! My husband worked at Starbucks for a few years, a while back, and he and I still have several friends that work there and are “addicts”. 🙂 I really appreciate your open mind on this! I’m not sure most could do that in your situation. Glad to hear you are enjoying being mostly coffee-free! God bless you!

  2. Okay, from now on when we see my coffee cups briming with coffee pics, we will just say it is decaff! If you know anything negative about decaff, don’t tell me!! Lol!! Thank you, Kim for another great post!! Juliana

  3. You are right…. I didn’t like a word of this posting! LOL. Thanks for the information… as difficult as it will be, I think I’ll try to do without for a few days and see what type of difference I notice.

    1. Rob, I’m glad you enjoyed the information and it has given you a new outlook. 🙂 Remember, my first 3 days off were completely horrible… it wasn’t until after that, that i started to really see a difference. Blessings to you as you take steps to a healthier body and mind!!!

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