if you will move i will do it

When I was growing up, Daddy would sometimes bake my grandmother’s teacakes.  They were delicious and they were a treat for all.  This was relaxing to Daddy, and he did it well.   There were other things Daddy would try to do around the house.  While he was still working, he really didn’t have a lot of relaxation time, so Daddy would kind of rush through things Momma needed to be fixed, or whatever she needed some help with, so he would get it out of the way as soon as he could so he could get a nap in or some T.V. time.   Since he was rushing, he was a bit like a bull in a china closet.  I say this with a smile on my face, because it was actually funny!

I can see him now “funching”, a Texas term for just pushing or pulling something brusquely and without much care.  My mother, brother, and I would watch.  You could just see what was coming next.  You could see whatever he was messing with was about to suffer irreparable damage!  You just prayed for Momma to say what you knew she always said before it was too late!  Sure enough we heard the words, “If you will just move I will do it!” come from Momma’s mouth.  My brother and I would breathe a sigh of relief and I am pretty sure my dad did, too!  Momma would fix whatever it was, and would always do it perfectly!

I thought of this today as I thought of a situation in my own life I am facing.  If you had asked me a year ago if God allowed certain things I would have told you no.  I had heard if anything happened that wasn’t good, we had somehow caused it or had opened the door to it somehow.  I do believe this is correct in some instances.  When you are warned by God not to do certain things and you repeatedly do them anyway, you frustrate the grace of God and eventually you ARE going to pay a consequence!  At that point, you have permitted it because you were warned.  You opened the door because you knew the chance you were taking and disobeyed God’s voice anyway.

Some things happen simply because we live in a fallen world and the devil is evil and seeks to destroy us, whether you are a Christian or not.  Satan is NEVER your friend!  He would rather hurt you, destroy you, and see you dead just as soon as he would look at you!  When evil things happen outside of our control it is satan who does it!  God can ONLY do good.  We will have tests and tribulations!   I think He allows us to know when it is a test or just an attack of the enemy we can take authority over and thwart.  When it is a test  we actually decide how it will end by the choices we make!  Let me give you an example.  I had to make a decision recently.  I knew God had been speaking to me about it.  He had not blared it to me, He did not send someone to say anything to me about it, He just spoke to me about it in His still, small voice!  I was being warned  something was not right with a situation, but at the same time, I really didn’t WANT to move in the direction He was showing me.

God knows ALL things, dear reader.  He knows our hearts better than we do.  God does not allow tests and trials to come our way for HIM to see what we will do and what we are made of….He already knows.  He allows them to show US  what we will do and what we are made of!  As this decision approached it carried great advantages in the flesh for me!   I wanted this particular thing badly!!   At the same time, deep down, I knew if I chose it I had chosen my way and not God’s!

We are our own worst enemy!  There is no use in looking around as Adam did and blaming someone else for unfulfilled desires and even less than desirable situations we may be in as Adam did with Eve.  We knew when we made the choice it was wrong, but we wanted it!  What regret we face when we do this!!  If we had just stayed out of God’s way, He would have fixed it and fulfilled us and the plan and it would have worked out so much better than anything we had in mind!

All is not lost, dear reader, but it is postponed and we postponed it through disobedience and wanting our way!  Thank God we can repent (change direction) and go the other way!  God will redeem the time if we do!  What decision did I make?  God’s, thank God!!  I have to say, I vacillated for a while, but when it came down to it before it was too late, I yielded to God’s wisdom and reason!  God knows the big picture, whereas we do not!  He gives all good things liberally to them who walk uprightly!  What does that mean?  It means He will withhold no good thing from us as long as we simply obey what He says and don’t do it our own way!  That is walking uprightly!  It isn’t performing perfectly, it is simply listening and doing what He tells us!

Are you facing something today?  You know in your heart what God would have you to do.  It may not make sense to your mind, but trust God’s leading enough to know it does not have to!  He will never mislead you!  Stay with peace, precious reader, and in so doing you have stayed with God!

Blessings to you!!  I will see you soon!  Juliana


2 thoughts on “If You Will Move I Will Do It!

  1. Good post! Even sometimes when things don’t seem to be going in our favor, if we have chosen God, then we will ALWAYS triumph in Christ Jesus. Exceedingly, abundantly and above all that we could ask, think or imagine!

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