4/8/2013 Lyn Leahz

Throughout my life, God has given me prophetic dreams, visions, and He has just outright spoken to me and told me things, too.

Last night, I had a dream. It was one of THOSE types of dreams. And, the Lord has reminded me of it all day today. So I believe I am supposed to share it with all of you.

I was standing in a school building. In my dream, my kids went there, but it looked different than the one they actually attend. I was talking to a teacher.

She pointed out the window as she sternly stared at me. Gravely, she warned, “There is a storm coming!”

I looked, and sure enough, black clouds that were dipping down were quickly headed our way. It looked like the largest storm I had ever seen, and it was black as sackcloth.

I broke a sweat. My voice quivering, I asked, “Aren’t my children getting out early? They’ve got to get out quickly! The storm is getting ready to hit! It’ll be here any moment!”

The teacher shook her head, her face stern, “No! They will get out soon, but not before the storm comes.”

There was an overall feeling that they would get out shortly after the storm hit, but not before it arrived. There would be suffering. The dream ended.

I know what the dream meant. It meant that there is a storm ahead of us..a spiritual storm. There are some grave things coming our way. Be prepared. Some of these tragedies will touch us..but the Lord will come soon after that. We shall not escape every single tragedy! Did the people who lived in the south escape hurricane Katrina? NO! Were there Christians who suffered? YES! Did Christians suffer in the latest major hurricane, Sandy? YES! Did they escape? NO! Did the parents who lost their children in the Sandyhook massacre escape suffering? NO! I can keep going. What about the many persecuted Christians suffering daily in other parts of the world? Pastor Saeed, for example? Dying in prison, being beaten and tormented.. are these people escaping suffering?

I am not saying that the Lord will not come for us! I am saying we will not escape ALL suffering and tragedy! People are suffering daily! I tell you this so you will be wise and be prepared! Buy extra food (non perishables), water, candles, etc. Be prepared!

A storm is coming! Be ready! Don’t hate the weather forecaster, but be grateful. He/she is not trying to instill fear in you; rather, they are trying to warn you so that you can save yourselves trouble! There are many who, when you tell them of things like this, have a lackadaisical attitude, saying, “I don’t need to worry! I won’t be here!”

Friend! Don’t be ignorant! If you think you are going to escape every single thing, you are living in wonderland! All throughout history, since the fall of man, people have suffered! Storms have come! Tragedy has hit! Don’t think you will not see some horrible things, because you will! Yes, the trumpet will blow! But who do you think you are that millions of people throughout time have suffered, but you will not see or feel ANY suffering whatsoever? This is ignorance at its finest! If you want to believe I am wrong, that is fine. Just do me one favor, please. I don’t care if you believe me or not, just be prepared! That’s all I care about. You have nothing to lose if I am wrong. But you have A LOT to lose if I am right. And you can’t really argue the fact that people have suffered all throughout history! We are people too!

The good news is that if you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you have nothing to fear. You must trust Him enough to have faith that no matter what happens, He knows best! This is a very hard thing to do when tragedy hits. Be ready for anything, and trust God. He knows where you are at, and He is always with you! Let His praise continually be in your mouths and let your hands be lifted toward the heavens! No matter what hits us or where, God is with us. His perfect will, not ours, will be done! Glory to God! Even if we suffer, our eternity is with our heavenly Father!


4 thoughts on “There Is A Storm Coming! Be Prepared!

  1. God lets us know things to prepare us…not scare us…this is profound and reminds me of dreams God gave me …some of which proved to be for an immediate time ahead…and others which remain for a time yet to come. Whatever the case, dreams from Him are dreams we can trust. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings upon blessings.

    1. I just heard a prophecy video by that guy JD Fang..or something like that. He was saying how those who know God should not be scared…but those who do not know Him should be…and that fear is because they don’t know Him… natural. We need to trust God at all times. Thanks and God bless you, Susan! ♥

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