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This has always occurred but it seems to be increasing.  An individual will suddenly mentally “snap,” and turn a weapon on another person or kill their entire family.  Then, there is the outbreak of the teen “Flash Mobs” who are roaming the cities at night and looking for trouble much like the men of Sodom. If they can’t find it, they will pick an innocent victim and attack them, to the point of critically wounding or killing them.  These mobs organize on Facebook and enter into stores taking from the shelves whatever they wish.  In some areas, the police refuse to deal with them as their own lives are in danger.  Some blame this on the fact that the inner city youth unemployment rate is at 40 to 50% in some areas.  Some “experts” blame it on drugs and alcohol and the breakdown of the family unit and no parental supervision.  The rage appears to be a combination of all of the above, including a mob mentality that energizes itself, like screaming fans at a ball game.


People have mentally snapped and violence has filled this nation for many years. Are we seeing more of it because of a non – stop 24 hour news cycle that picks up reports from across the nation and immediately shows the images on cable and satellite? Is there a spirit of violence that is being unleashed?  I personally believe it is the second, based on the parallels of our day and the days of Noah.
     Prior to the flood, Moses wrote that the “earth was filled with violence” (Gen. 6:11; 13). This violence was being fed by the imaginations of men’s mind that was “evil continually” (Gen. 6:5).  Perhaps one reason that men’s hearts were continually evil is that there was too much idol or free time on their hands.  This was an issue in the days of Lot.  When Ezekiel was describing the sins of Sodom, he listed several items which included, “The abundance of idleness” (Ezek. 16:49). An abundance of idleness leads to a tough life that wanders continually and soon brings the person under a captivity to seek out “fun or excitement” to override their boredom.  This is the very thing that gets youth in trouble with the law. They seek an adrenaline thrill and breaking the law becomes a challenge instead of a forbidden zone to avoid.  The older generation understood this when they used to say, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”
     The mental collapse that leads to violence is not just roving gangs but at times an adult who has lost their family, their job or encountered an issue they believe is irreparable.  Often, they are reacting on an emotion without thinking about the consequences.  The warped mind tells them to “shoot now and worry later.”           One root cause of mental stress is worrying about the future.  I have lived 53 years, been in ministry 36 years and have never witnessed more people who are living in fear of loss, especially the uncertainty of the decisions being made in D.C. and the manner in which freedoms are being lost. I actually believe that there is a real agenda, set by a group of globalists, to change America and make her a Democratic – Socialist society in which a few controls the masses and everyone submits to the laws of control.   The problem is most people, and I am speaking here of good patriotic Americans, feel helpless and believe they have no control over decisions being made and laws being passed. Therefore, they react in a defensive manner out of fear and frustration.
     Believers must begin to be aware of the prophetic Scriptures and pay more attention to the events around them in light of what God has said.  Yet, Christ makes it clear that we are not to be troubled (John 14:1), not to worry about our needs being met (Matt. 6:25-34), and ask each day for daily provision (Matt. 6:11).  God has promised to preserve our mind with His peace (Isa. 26:3) if we keep our mind stayed on him! When you feel your peace slipping, shut off the news and the internet reports and get alone with the Lord and seek him for a renewal of your mind.  –Perry Stone


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