I want to let you know, dear readers, that I will be posting more and more on Biblical prophecy and current events that effect us as a Christian nation.  This has been on my heart for some time.  When I read the news this week and realized just how much  media outlets are not only biased but report on things that are far from news, almost as though to distract from real issues, I knew I had to do my part!

I have never seen so many articles of people announcing they are gay and lesbians and how our political leaders are pushing their gay and lesbian agendas over job creation, or how to create a plan for people to get a home instead of losing them, and how to get a spiraling economy back on its feet!  I saw articles that talked about celebrities who lost weight and how good they still look in a bikini at age 40 and what celebrity’s child got a haircut, when our service men and women are risking their lives and seeing untold horrors in foreign countries, only to come home to cut wages and health care, along with many other benefits taken away that they were promised when they signed on to do one of the bravest and most honorable jobs anyone can hold!  I want to bring to the forefront REAL news, not FLUFF AND STUFF! 

I will continue to write devotions, post scriptures, and chapters from the Bible as always.  The political section is just an ADDED section!  The simplyjuliana website will stay the same in every other way! 

Thank you, precious reader, for understanding my convictions and feelings in this area!  We must never forget that God even said His people die for a lack of knowledge!  Knowledge is power and we can no longer sit back and trust other people to take care of business as it should be!  How unfortunate, yet so true!  Our rights and the very principles this country was built upon MUST remain the foundation which was originally laid.  If not, we will slowly lose our freedoms, our rights, and sadly our country can and will be jeopardized!

Again, I thank you and want you to know how much I appreciate all of my dear readers!  Until next time, may you dwell in the peace and freedom you so greatly deserve!  Juliana


10 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power!

  1. Juliana, whatever happens and whenever it goes down, I know I will be o.k. I’ll be one of those with Jesus! Deliver your soul in your writing, but do not fear anything, as Jesus has it all under control. I’m praying for you!

    1. Thank you, Daryl! I will and I know what you mean…God keeps us covered at all times! I just feel I need to be more in the know! I feel so much has transpired because, as Christians, we have felt it would be out of love to stand up more than what we have.

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