be not weary2

Galatians 6:9

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

9 So we must not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.

One of the major players in losing your love walk is losing your cool!  First of all, not everyone knows what a “love walk” is so allow me to expound on this a bit further.  A love walk is when a Christian allows the personality and character attributes of Christ to control their personalities and choices.  They let the love of God dominate them, even in simple everyday things and their reactions to those everyday things!  This can only be accomplished when we spend time in His presence through prayer and in the Word learning and getting to know Who Jesus really is!  Our concentration is Him and all of His glory and as that happens trust in Him develops.  That trust then  infuses us with His power to change us to what we need to be in our personalities and minds!

When you are tired, it shows up in moments of tenseness, anger, aggravation, and impatience!  Your love walk is the most important thing you have as a Christian!  It causes you to draw others to Christ, it causes your faith to work, and it sanctifies your mind and personality bringing it into such a place of such depth with the Lord you walk by the Spirit of God and not your old carnal and sinful nature!  Your mind is renewed and bondages are broken just because you obeyed God and loved as He loves, which is unconditionally,  and chose actions that corresponded with that supernatural love!

I have seen people literally backslide by concentrating on sin and trying to break its power over their lives by their own ability.  Rather than concentrating on the righteousness God  has given them and the  love He places in their hearts when they are born again, they go to work on themselves!  They work and work trying to get that thing(s) under control!  They berate themselves with “failure” and “self hate talk” causing intense guilt to  build to the point they can’t even face God and repent!   Just like Adam and Eve ran and hid from God’s presence due to their “sin consciousness” they hide from God’s presence, too.  They begin to loathe themselves and see themselves as weak.  They think they cannot walk out their lives being a righteous Christian because they have “tried” so hard and nothing they did worked!  Why?  Because THEY did it!  They tried to EARN the righteousness of God which is a free gift and cannot ever be earned; it has to be accepted when salvation is accepted!

I will never forget when the singer, B.J Thomas became a born again Christian.  He had addictions to drugs and alcohol.  He was desperate to be free and someone led him to the Lord.  B.J. stayed with it for as long as HE could, but then he could no longer hold up.  He went back into addiction and turned away from God, all the while feeling like a miserable failure. 

One night I was up and flipping through the channels on our television.   That was back when Howard Stern had a radio show.  I did not watch Howard Stern, but as I flipped through I saw him interviewing B.J. Thomas so  I stopped to listen.  I wanted to know what had happened to B.J..  I knew the question was coming.  Howard was all too happy to ask it!  He asked B.J. about his “Christian experience”.  B.J. ducked his head in shame and when he looked back up, you could see genuine regret and remorsefulness in B.J.’s eyes.  His reply was, “I couldn’t do it.  It was too hard.”  Stern replied, “Too hard to be a Christian?”  “Yes”, B.J. reiterated, “It was too hard for me.”  B.J. had tried, but he was so concentrated on what he needed to get right instead of the love God had for him and how God was the one Who would deliver him, he burned out and lost out!

I have heard it said the meanest people in the world are backsliding Christians.  Why?  Because, they have worked and worked instead of just realizing how loved they are and that time spent with God, glorifying Him, loving Him and in turn loving others is what brings us to a completely delivered state of rest and a conscious freedom.   They work until they have nothing left to do but feel like they are such a failure they give up and grow weary in well-doing and thereby fainting before they can see any good! Giving up and feeling like a failure does not breed a love walk, but a hatefulness and a bitterness that is so harsh people can’t stand to be around that person!   All they had to do was concentrate on God’s goodness and the goodness He brought with Him when He came to live in their hearts!  It is so simple!   We are the ones who make it so complicated!

Remember, precious reader, the greatest tool you have in your arsenal against satan is God’s love.  It will literally drive out the old person you were and reshape you into what you and God both want you to be!  Let God have control while you enjoy the ride!  God will develop His character and love in you as you develop your love for Him and others!  You will not fail!  You have given yourself fully to God and He will do all He has promised, now and in the life to come!

Blessings to you!!  See you soon!  Juliana


2 thoughts on “Weariness Can Literally Negate Our Love Walk!

  1. Juliana, I really appreciate the tone and content of this post. You have coherently strung together several of my trains of thought into a cohesive instructional devotional. It is practical and accommodating, allowing for various people who may be at different places in their walk with Christ, to benefit from it. Thank you and peace be unto you.

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