For those of you who aren’t from Texas, a mudbug is a crawfish and we have an abundant supply!  Well, we did until last night when my family and I scarfed down 30 pounds of mudbugs among the four of us!  Yes, 30 pounds and I am not exaggerating.

When they bring them out, they have weighed them, head and all.  Their heads are huge and some people suck them.  I do not!  Then they have little tiny tails.  You have to snap the head off, crack the tails with your fingers and dig the meat out of the tail.  You don’t get much, it is a lot of work, but it is so yummy you don’t care!  I will “shell” about fifty, put them in melted butter and then eat them with a fork.  They are covered in cayenne pepper!  They serve potatoes and corn on the cob with them, too!

I have just gone on a low glycemic index, higher protein diet so this was the perfect meal for me!  I did really well until I spotted my son’s corn on the cob and his potatoes!   “Here, Rev. let Momma have a bite!”  He willing complied.  I first bit into the potato…no big deal…then I took a bite of the corn…suddenly, my mouth felt like it  had gone to hell, literally,  leaving the rest of me behind!  I was ON FIRE!!  I thought of the prophet that told God he was a man of unclean lips and then the angel put the coal on his tongue.  I wondered if he had suffered the way I was!!

I took gulps of my tea…nothing was extinguishing this fire!  I grabbed hubby’s water…it made it somewhat better and  it made me think how glad I was SAVED!  Tears were streaming down my face.  I wasn’t crying it was just so hot they automatically came to my eyes.  I couldn’t wipe them, even with  a paper towel because I had cayenne pepper all over my fingers!  Finally our waiter came back and noticed my distress.  “I don’t care what you bring me, bring anything that will put this fire in my mouth out, and fast!”  I told him as I looked at him pitifully!

As soon as he left, the Rev said, “Momma what are you going to do if he brings you a margarita?  (I was thinking milk or something like that)  I am going to take a picture and send it to Mrs. Kathy (my pastor’s wife)” He says with a big wide grin on his face!   I thought a minute.  Oh, my mouth had a DRAGON living in it!  I was getting to the point I couldn’t bear it!  “If he does, turn away Son, I don’t ever want you to see me like that!”  Now, I couldn’t have done it and I knew it, but I also knew I couldn’t stand up to the fire much longer.  My prayer was God would put the fire out with something NON-alcoholic and the waiter would bring it fast!!   Thank God, the waiter brought a huge glass of water and I survived and still have a tongue to tell about it!

I was fine after that until I went to bed.  Then suddenly heartburn decided to pay a visit!  I had read earlier that day that honey and cinnamon get rid of heartburn and helps you lose weight.  I decided to give it a go.  I am not one of these “natural cure” people.  I believe a great deal is hogwash, but I thought I had nothing to lose so I did it.

I took two Tablespoons of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one cup water and heated it all together.  I put it in the microwave on three minutes.  I sipped it with a spoon because it was very hot!  It wasn’t ten minutes until the heartburn was gone and I slept soundly!  It also gave a honey/cinnamon recipe to lose weight.  I decided to try it, too.  You take one teaspoon of honey and a half teaspoon of cinnamon and add it to boiling water.  Let it cool down and then drink it on an empty stomach.  You can eat 30 minutes later.  I did it and then drank my coffee.  Hubby and I went to church and it was a service that went a little longer than usual.  I noticed when we left, which was almost 2 o’clock, I was just beginning to feel a bit hungry.  When we got home, I made a Mediterranean salad and was totally satisfied!  Needless to say, that remedy worked, as well!

I am amazed by the results, but upon further investigation, you should not use cinnamon from the store, but a certain type they only have at health food stores.  Also, the honey from your region was recommended, which they also should have at the health food store.  I didn’t use either and it worked and worked well.   I am not suggesting you do this.  Some may have allergies to cinnamon, and I read it thins the blood and some readers may be on blood thinners, in which case this would not be a good idea!  But, I had good results and for those who have no health problems, you may want to research it a bit more! 

Well, mudbugs are safe for a while from me.  I ate my fill and now I am so excited about my yummy salads and Mediterranean way of eating!  He a wonderful Sunday, dear reader!  Blessings!!  Juliana


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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