make the decision to obey god

I believe heard someone say one time being a Christian was for wimps.  They obviously were not a Christian.  It is hard to do to someone else the opposite of what they have done to you.  For the past three days, God has spoken to me about staying out of offense!   He spoke an article for me to write, an article Ken Copeland wrote (which I published so you can read it) and today He has had me put into practice the content of both of those articles!

Today, the minute my feet hit the floor here came the devil with his bag of tricks.  I didn’t feel well, got a terrible night of sleep (watch these times when you aren’t rested, that is when frustration and upset show up most), and it just kept going south from there!  I cried,  plunged into a project I just could not get right or results from, called hubby in for help, and still couldn’t get it done!  Oh, I could sense the enemy and all of his tricks and he was reaching into that bag to pull out more!  I said, “Father, what do I do??”  He said, “What I have told you the last few days to do!”  All of a sudden the story of Ken Copeland and what happened to his camera hit me!  I knew right then exactly what the right thing to do was and I did it!

Now, precious reader, I DID NOT FEEL LIKE DOING IT!  If I had done what I FELT somebody would have been told and how!!  You CANNOT go on FEELINGS!  You have to act on faith and let God do the rest!  I have felt this for several days and I am now going to do what God has spoken to me to prophecy by the power of the Spirit of God!

Someone is going through a divorce.  You are a woman!  Your soon to be ex-husband has threatened you with your children, he has lied to them and done it well because he is a deceiver!  He has threatened you with financial ruin, and has used deceptive practices you haven’t found out about yet concerning other things!  God says He is going to expose it before your court date!  In fact, what has been a huge war is going to turn into a truce because God is stepping in and exposing him!  YOU ARE GOING TO WIN AND WIN BIG!  Everything he has hidden is being brought INTO the light!!  The very gallows he has tried to build to hang you on, just like Haman, he will be hung on!  You are coming to the end of this trouble and God has  such a bright and glorious future for you and your children, you will say, “Only God could pull all this off!”  You will be a testimony to just how God will take the impossible and make it possible!  GET READY TO BE BLESSED!   STAY OUT OF OFFENSE, AND SURELY YOU ARE GOING TO SEE THE HAND OF GOD MOVE ON YOUR BEHALF IN A WAY YOU DIDN’T KNOW WAS POSSIBLE!  STAY OUT OF OFFENSE!!!  IF YOU DON’T, YOU WILL FORFEIT THE PROMISE!

That makes me want to dance all over this house!  God honors us when we honor His word!!  Don’t let the devil tell you how your day is going to go!  You tell him how it is going to go!  Let him see you go where he is forbidden and PRAISE like he can no longer do!  Let him know, every time he tries his mess, more of it is on the way!!

You are precious, my reader!  I love you and God loves you!  Remember, JESUS IS LORD and you are BLESSED!!!!  See you soon!  Juliana


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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