I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.  —Mahatma Gandhi

When I saw this quote, I thought I was going to literally sob!  I thought, “Father, what has happened??”  In the word it says in the last days the love of the CHURCH will wax cold!  In many churches, people have become clannish, my four and no more, my family is all I need and you are not one of them!  I have witnessed this with my own eyes.

When we become critical of others in the church, or Christians in general, we will always see the wrong and it will make us angry.  We will then make ourselves an entity unto ourselves!  The devil comes as an angel of light, but he comes and points out faults and then tries to get you to reason why people have those faults and what you think they should be doing about them.  He will magnify those faults so much, you will literally want to shun, or run from that person.  You will not find yourself in prayer over them and when and if you do, it is always to tell God what He needs to do about them. You will tell Him how to fix them to suit you basically! You run from person to person, talking what you have seen and how it just gets under your skin.  There is no love, compassion, or understanding.  You will even get to a point you unknowingly allow a spirit of control and manipulation to use you, to make that person the way YOU think they should be, instead of letting the Master, which is God, mold them as a potter molds the clay because you don’t see Him doing in that person what you have told Him you thought He needed to do! See the arrogance?  Arrogance is always the opposite of love!   When this happens, look out, the enemy is looking to bring disharmony and disunity into your body, which is the church.

When the Holy Spirit comes to show us something in someone who needs help and prayer, He comes with compassion.  You don’t want to push people away because of criticism, you want to embrace them in love and kindness, gently leading them and upholding them with words of exhortation and arms that pull them from a pit and walk beside them to uphold them until they are strong enough for the journey themselves.  You will find yourself calling, encouraging, praying with, greeting them at the door with words of “I have missed you…I am so glad to see you…Is there anything I can do for you….Let me know when you have some time, I want to buy you lunch!”  You truly make contact, not just in words, but in loving deeds!  Your own heart will hurt for them and you will want to see God’s best accomplished in their lives and give of yourself willingly when God calls on you.

The Bible says to bless those who curse you and do good to those who spitefully use you!  It doesn’t say to give them the boot!  These are people who set out to purposely hurt you! We are not even talking about those people!   We are talking about people who are going through a rough time.  How much more so are we to bless, love and do good to them?

Don’t let satan fool you, precious reader!  Don’t let him point out one negative after another!  Your behavior will follow your attitude and it will affect the body of Christ!  Stay in love and you will not have to worry about staying in unity!!  When you are a unified body, nothing in satan’s arsenal can stop you, or your church!  It will literally be, “Onward Christian soldiers!”  It will literally be a battle that cannot be lost!  Blessings in abundance!  Juliana


10 thoughts on ““I Like Your Christ, I Do Not Like Your Christians. Your Christians Are So Unlike Your Christ.”

  1. I find your post to be true, on so many levels. We should not be surprised with what we see in these last days. The Bible tells what we should do and that this was going to happen. We are to pray for each other. If our neighbor and fellow Christian fall, we are to restore them. Everything we do should be from a heart of love because love doesn’t insist on its own right or way but believes the best. It doesn’t rejoice at injustice etc. We are commanded to love, no exceptions. Also, I find often times we are the ones with faults and need changing. Highlighting someone else’s will not make yours go away. Great post!

    1. I agree, Valerie! Our love walks need to be guarded and protected and kept intact. May we live by that chapter you mentioned second by second! Thank you for commenting! It is always a pleasure to have you comment! Blessings! Juliana

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