chihuahuas are me!!!                                                                                                            My idea of HEAVEN!


Well, I have puppy fever!  I have had it for some months and have steadily been working on my husband!  He was not coming around.  I would whine, “But, Baby, I have puppy fever!!!”  and he would respond, “Take a Tylenol!”   As you can see, I wasn’t making much headway. 

I decided this so-called “should have been a lawyer” was going to have to make a case.  I would need my trusty sidekick, our daughter “Sunshine”!  He can NEVER tell her no!  I am so glad because of times like these!  🙂  I began to think of all the reasons why I needed this puppy.

1.  Gracie sleeps by him now instead of me for some unknown reason. 

2.  She fights with Daisy and Daisy needs a friend.

3.  It would do her good to have a brother or a sister because she needs more play time.

4.  She doesn’t stick her nose under my door in the mornings and she doesn’t cry for me.

5.  These are all deep emotional needs to make me happy and content.  If he doesn’t let me have one, then I will have to keep reading him all the blogs I write, because I need to talk and I will get lonely if we don’t get this extra bond time.  If I had a puppy it would keep me busy and I wouldn’t have time to drag him into conversation!  THAT ONE DID IT! 

Sunshine and I headed for the classifieds!  I found a true Hispanic chihuahua.  We meet the lady as soon as Sunshine gets ready!  She is meeting us for me to hold each one.  Please, pray dear reader, I find the puppy that needs me and the puppy I need.  Hubby said we will have a million dogs because I want every one I see!  Alas, tis true!  I love them all!   Does this make me an animal rights activist or just a little crazy weird?  Don’t answer that!  I already know the answer to it! 

Don’t forget to PRAY!  I am believing I will have pictures to post later!!  I am so excited!!  See you VERY SOON, precious reader!!


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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