what are you thinking about

Have you ever had someone ask you this question?  “What are you thinking about?” or “Penny for your thoughts!”   I ask my husband this many times.  But, have you ever asked YOURSELF this question??  Sometimes it is a good idea to stop and ask yourself, “What am I thinking about?  Does it line up with the Biblical checklist God has given me to keep my thoughts reigned in?”

There is a Biblical checklist.  It is found in Philippians 4:8 NIV.  It reads this way:

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is
right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything
is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

There is another scripture that tells us what to do with certain thoughts that don’t line up with the checklist.  It is as follows:

2 Corinthians 10:5

King James Version (KJV)

5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

The first scripture tells you what to think about.  The second tells you what to do with what you SHOULDN’T be thinking about.  Let me give you an example and I get to use ME as the example in this one…oh, goody!!  Yes, that is sarcasm!  🙂  One day I was thinking about a situation that had happened with a lady when I taught school.  She had really done some underhanded things behind my back, and  they were aimed at me!  It was particularly hard on me when I found out about it because I loved this lady, dearly.  I had known her since I was a child and I admired  her as a teacher.  She liked to get “messy”.  I knew this about her, but I thought if I just stayed out of the gossip I would be okay.  The saying your mother has always told you, ” if  they will talk about someone else to you they will talk about you to someone else”.  I can tell you from experience just how true this is! 

When I heard about this, I heard it from my principal.  He was trying to protect me!  He was wonderful and I was grateful he let me know it had been called to his attention.  I prayed and asked the Lord what to do and He told me to confront her with it!  I did.  I told her I knew and asked her why she did it.  I caught her off guard and she gave some lame excuse as she stumbled over her words.  A few days later when I saw her I could tell she was ashamed of what she had done. 

She began to have severe problems with her only child and she would come to my office and ask for prayer for him after she had stabbed me in the back.  I think it was her way of apologizing.  I would take her by the hand and pray!  I had an obligation to forgive and I did entirely by faith because, to be honest, I wasn’t feeling this one!

One day I was thinking about this.  Suddenly, the Lord interrupted my thoughts. He asked me, “How long ago did that take place?”  I began to count back.  It had been ELEVEN YEARS AND I WAS STILL NURSING THAT THING!  Eleven years I COULD have been in peace!  Eleven years I could have walked in height and depths of God’s blessing, but instead I wasted time nursing something I could do nothing about and it didn’t matter anymore anyway.  How ridiculous of me!  If it had been two weeks, that one have been one thing, but ELEVEN YEARS??? 

This is more common than we realize.  Some people nurse and pet hurts for 30, 40, and 50+ years!  The Bible says to NEVER let the sun go down on our anger!  A grudge is a form of anger and the Bible also says anger rest in the bosom of fools!  God isn’t pulling any punches tonight is He, dear reader?  I had acted in a foolish way for eleven years! 

First of all, it wasn’t my fault this lady was a gossip!  It wasn’t my fault she was not saved!  It was not my fault she loved to start little fires about people and watch them burn and flame!  What was my fault is I let it get the best of me and get the best of me for far too long!  Nothing I was thinking was edifying me, building me up in God and my most holy faith, bringing a praise to Him, therefore I should have cast it down.  In other words, I should have trashed it.

The enemy comes sneakily.  He catches our minds off guard when we are tired, haven’t filled up on the Word and prayed as we should have, and when we are just idle and have too much time to think about ourselves! 

I had a WONDERFUL and extremely wise pastor’s wife one time say to me in the early days of my maturing in Christ, “Baby, always ask yourself ‘Who is talking?'”   Was she right!  The devil comes as an angel of light, but you know when it is him because the things he says NEVER line up with the Word of God!  They are always partially quoted, twisted, and taken out of context!  Praise God the Holy Spirit is there, too!  He steps up and says, “But the Bible also says this!”  Praise God for the Holy Spirit!!  He leads us into ALL truth! 

Always think about what you are thinking about, precious reader!  Never fail to see if it lines up with God’s checklist!  You will save yourself so much misery and wasted time when you do!!  Let the best teacher in the universe lead you and expose the tactics of the enemy to you and that is the Holy Spirit, our teacher and guide Himself!  Life will be happier, more peaceful, and we will grow wiser more quickly in the process!

Blessings to you, precious reader!!  See you next time!  Juliana


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