To know him is to trust him

Mark 11:24

Amplified Bible (AMP)

24 For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it].

Do you know what is wrong with most people’s lack of faith, why they aren’t sure how God will answer them or even answer them at all?  Because they only pray when they are desperate or they only approach Him IN desperation!  They have no relationship with Him, therefore they have no basis of trust!

There is a woman in my church who I have known several years.  If she tells you she is going to do something, I know she is going to do it.  I don’t even stop and wonder, “Is she really going to do that?”  I know this because I know her.  I know her character.   I have seen her keep her word time and again.  If she tells me on Sunday  ” Juliana, I am going to give you a thousand dollars on Wednesday” I don’t have to call and say, “Friend, remember you told me you would give me something Wednesday”.  I don’t have to call her or text her and remind her of her word and to keep it.  If  something happens and it isn’t going to work out the way she said, she will either call or literally make a visit to my home to tell me as soon as she finds out.  I don’t have to wait and wonder!  She is good for her word, I know her personally, and because of that I fully trust her character!

If someone I’ve learned not to trust because their character has proven over and over they DON’T keep their word comes to me and tells me they are going to do something, I have to question and ask, “Have you done what you told me you would do?  When exactly are you going to do it?  You told me last week it would be the next day and it has been over a week.  You aren’t returning phone calls or texts.  What is up?”  Do I trust that person?  Emphatically, NO!  Why?  Because I KNOW that person and I know them to be untrustworthy, since  it is happening time and time again!

With God, the more you read the Word of God cover to cover, precious heart, the more you pray and seek Him out to know Him and His heart, the more you know Him and you know what He says He will do.  If you don’t get to know God on a personal level, you will never learn to trust Him.  When you pray, you will not truly know if He is going to answer you or not.

Here are signs of doubting prayer.  When you approach God you will do the following:

1.   Beg!

2.   Cry and scream.

3.  You worry excessively about what or who you have prayed about.

4.  You expect the opposite result is the probable result.

5.  You get other people to believe “for” you…this doesn’t mean you don’t ask people to agree WITH you, it means you go from person to person getting them to ask God FOR you because you don’t believe if you ask He will do it!  Do Moses and the Israelites come to mind here?  Who had the relationship with God and who did not?  Moses did, the Isaraelites did not!

6.  You ask repetitively.  You constantly bombard God with it!  You are ALWAYS in a prayer line somewhere, asking for the same thing!

7.  You constantly talk about it because you are uncertain and you need a shot of encouragement  until the enemy of doubt resurfaces and it all begins again.

Here is the attribute of believing prayer:

1.  You ask once according to God’s word believing you have received it and rejoice and thank God for the answer from that point forward until it manifest.

Look back up at this list.  Which one requires the most work?  Simple, believing prayer or doubting prayer?  Which one brings peace?  Which one brings torment?  It is so much easier to trust God, but you cannot trust someone you don’t know!  If you don’t ever hear about God  you never know  about His character of utter trustworthiness and faithfulness.  If I recommend someone to you for a service and you KNOW me and trust my word, you are likely to give this person a call.  But, even then you have to watch and experience for yourself if that person does everything I said they would do.  In other words, until you have your OWN EXPERIENCE, until you have a relationship, whether personal or business, your trust is guarded until you see for yourself!  This is why the Word says in Psalm 34:3, 8   3 O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.  8 O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good! Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man who trusts and takes refuge in Him.  Not just one of you knows how He can be trusted, but both because you BOTH have a relationship with Him!  You know Him and His character through and through, by His Word and by your experience with what He has done for you personally!

You know begging, pleading, bombarding is not required!  Fully believing faith is all you need to open the door to answered prayer, and you cannot have that type of  faith without relationship!

You can spot where a person truly is with God when they simply open their mouth!  Their attitude, actions, and words will tell you all you need to know!  They will show you exactly where they stand in faith, by the way their approach to and the things they say about Jesus!

Prayer is the key to receiving, but RELATIONSHIP with God is paramount to a successful Christian life filled with trust and continual belief that knows no bounds!  Praise God, we can have both!  Blessings, precious reader!!  I will see you soon!!  Juliana



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