march 2, 2013

President Obama signed the budget cuts into effect yesterday.  We all knew it was coming, but no one really knew for a fact everything it would cut into.  Little did I know how closely it would hit my own personal home!

My husband is a federal agent.  The first place cuts effect are government employees.  They had told them it could mean 20 day furlough(s) without pay, of course!  He didn’t tell me so “I wouldn’t worry”.  When I finally snapped to the point I knew what to ask and I got the answer I knew was coming my blood ran cold in my veins for just a moment!   Then God spoke to me and said, “Now you know why I have talked to you about being a giver and it opening the door beyond what man can give you!”  God is so good!  He is with you every step of the way, and prepares you in advance.  “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him” (Matthew 7:8).  The Lord literally gave me this scripture while I was in college and He has shown me every single time a need arises the need has already been provided, and not just provided but generously met!

If you will go back and look at yesterday’s article you will see just how accurate the Holy Spirit was speaking to me!  The “lab” to this course has begun and I will go into whatever comes, FEARLESSLY!  But, we also have authority and now is not the time to say “whatever will be, will be”.  Now is the time for me to confess our scriptures that guarantees prosperity.  Now is the time to find someone who needs, and to be a giver even more than ever!

The world’s system is so different from God’s.  The world says  in order to have what we need in times of economic hardship store, store, store!  But God’s system says to prosper give, give, give!  God is our source, always!  Our jobs, stocks, etc. are REsources.  When I was a teacher we had to teach prefixes.  The prefix re means “again”, therefore resource means to source AGAIN!  In other words, it is a means of sourcing not THE sourcing itself!!  I love that!!  God is the source and He will lead you to who or what is to source you AGAIN, not to source you to begin with!

Remember, precious reader, the blessing (prosperity, health, favor, well-being, peace which means in the Hebrew nothing missing, nothing broken) are all ours from the hand of God!  Rejoice!  Yet, again another opportunity is coming to testify to God’s goodness and His unending love toward us!  See you next time!!  Juliana


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