one for the books


Yesterday was one for the books!  I can honestly say it was one of the worst days I have ever had to go through.  It started early!  Actually it started at 6 a.m..  Slowly,  but very surely it headed downhill from there.  What is sad is it was supposed to be a wonderful day for me!  I would at last hold my first book in my hand. A dream I had, had since I was a child would come true that day.   My publisher told me to have tissues nearby, because it would be so joyous.  I didn’t get to cry tears of joy yesterday, I had to deal with other things.

I am not going to give the devil the pleasure of telling you each thing he did.  As I sit and look back on yesterday, I am thinking it through asking God what on earth happened??  This book must be one more powerful book and I can say that because GOD wrote that book!! I had the easy part…I just typed it!   I have heard all of my life the devil attacks the hardest when you are making the most headway!  If the suffering I endured was indeed for Christ yesterday, it was worth it! 

It is literally like pulling teeth to write this.  I write through a veil of tears.  But yesterday  is over and the remnants that want to carry over into today, but God will show me how to deal with those!  No weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me shall be shown to be in the wrong is my mantra and it will get me through.   If God be for me, who can be against me?  Not one person.  Does it hurt when those you love most are the ones many times that bring that hurt?  Oh, yes!  But, God sees it and God will bring it back around to a place of justice and grace!

Christianity is not a bed of roses and persecution is not fun, but it is part of it and you have to know who the source of it is!  Today is a new day.  The hurts of yesterday are trying to linger but  I have a choice!  Today, I choose joy!  Today, I choose to be an overcomer!  I get to choose!  Satan, nor anyone he tries to use against me gets to choose but I get to choose what my slate will say today!!   That slate says today I am an encourager, I am unselfish, I am full of God’s love, I flow in His Spirit toward other hurting people, I put a smile on my face and I wear the full armor of God so that I can resist the wiles of the enemy!! 

There is a song that is running over in my head we sang when I was a little girl in an old country church.  The words went something like this…

I will not be defeated, I will not be defeated, I will not be defeated anymore!

When the Holy Ghost came in, he gave me power over sin!  I will not be defeated anymore!

That doesn’t just mean MY sin, but the sins of others against me!  It is defeated and I am the victor!!  When you see yourself as something you will act it out!  I see  it and I act on it!!  Today and everyday, victory is mine.  I only lose it if I hand it over through seeing and doing things my way instead of God’s.  I have a choice here, too…I choose God’s way, therefore I choose joy!

Blessings, dear reader!  I will see you next time!  Juliana



7 thoughts on “One For the Books!

  1. I hate it when those days happen… and yes, they want to carry over in the next. If I catch the thoughts warring in my head, I usually have to keep repenting for believing them, nail them to the cross, rebuke them and everything else until they stop. (and sometimes I entertain them) But I hope you have a great day today.

  2. Juliana, thank for your testimony. I know that pain is haed to go through but what you show us readers is your reliance upon our Lord Jesus Christ, through your peseverence which developes endunance. Again thank you for your hrd work..

    In Christ

    1. Oh, Bart, thank you!! Your comment is like a drink of water in a parched desert!! You have made my day brighter with your encouraging words and I appreciate them greatly! Blessings in abundance to you!!! Juliana

      1. I feel so bad for you. I hope you are much better today. I’m sorry you were so sad! You should have called me…though my phone keeps breaking up bad the passed few days and I don’t know why..But we could have prayed a prayer..even if it was all cut up by the phone…the Lord still would have heard because He’s not bound by poor signals..we are! Praise God! I love you sister! I’m always here when you need me! God bless you.

      2. You are so sweet! I am fine, really I am! It was just yesterday was…just one of those days we all have from time to time! Thank God for the blood of Jesus!! Love you!!

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