what does it mean God will turn it around

There are a lot of phrases Christians use and they are well acquainted with the meaning of those phrases.  But if we say them and there are people who are not Christians or from other countries that hear it or read it, they are confused. 

I have a friend that is NOT a Christian, and her roots are not from this country.  She has never been in a church in her life to my knowledge.  One day she had read an article I had posted about our love walks.  It was when I began to blog.  Suddenly, she turned to me and asked, “What is this  “love walk’?  I don’t know what that means.  Many  Christians say it, and we don’t know what it means.”  She was truly confused!  I was truly surprised!  I just thought everyone knew.

Today, a reader asked the question, “What does it mean when we say God will turn things around?”  They don’t understand because this is a phrase used by Christians that we automatically think others will know.  I want to explain this phrase.

In the Bible, God says what satan meant to use to harm us  Jesus will take it and turn it around and use it for our good.  For instance, when Haman decided to kill all the Jews in the book of Esther.  Haman had gone to the king and tricked him into doing this.  The king had great respect for Mordecai who was Esther‘s, his queen’s uncle.  Haman wanted the Jews killed.  Mordecai reminded Esther that would include her and God had not made her queen just for the “royal treatment”.  She was placed there for that time to spare the lives of the Jews!  Sure enough God gave her a plan, she carried that plan out and Haman was the one that was hung on the gallows he built for the Jews!  In other words, God turned Haman’s evil plan  and instead of the Jews being hurt they actually profited from it.  He got rid of Haman and they were then safe for all the king’s reign  instead of marked for sure death!

When we say God will turn things around, it means that God will turn things back on our enemies and bless us.  The things  a Christian’s enemy or enemies of God’s Christian people  have plotted will come against them instead, and the Christians will reign in victory.  We see this all throughout the Bible, but it says it directly in Genesis 12:3.  Those who curse Israel will be cursed, but those who bless Israel will be blessed!  This goes for those of us who were once Gentiles, but we have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour in our lives.  We are now ingrafted into the vine and the blessing God intended for the Jewish people  is now ours as well!!

Paul and Silas, in the New Testament, when they were thrown in the prison for preaching Jesus, while they were in prison they were able to bring salvation to the prison guard and his family because God caused from their praises a great earthquake to break and open all the prison doors.  Because of their praise to God, even though the enemy thought he had imprisoned them and stopped the gospel from going forth, God turned it to where they were free to preach to all people and even convert their enemies to Christianity!

If you hear the phrase, you can’t lose with God or the enemy’s head has been cut off, those phrases also mean the same thing!  There is another phrase we use….if you can’t beat ’em join ’em!  God loves you!  Jesus loves you!  If you are not a Christian or even if you hate Christians the Bible says God will frustrate your plans!  You will never beat God’s people.  They always win!  Instead of hating the Christians or fighting becoming one ask yourself this…”Why would I NOT want to be on the winning side?  I am not excluded!  Jesus wants me and died for me just like everyone else!  I am not rejected with Jesus, I am wanted and will BELONG when I accept Jesus!”  How simple and how much easier it would be to receive Him than to be against Him.  If Paul were here, He would tell you all about that, personally! 

Jesus is reaching out to you today.  I pray you reach back if you haven’t already!  May your day be a good day, and your week filled with all good things!  Juliana


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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