take advantage of alone time

15 But the news[g] about Him spread even more, and large crowds would come together to hear Him and to be healed of their sicknesses. 16 Yet He often withdrew to deserted places and prayedLuke 5:15-16

Have you ever been lonely?  I think most of us can say an absolute yes to that question.  The phone isn’t ringing, no lunch dates are coming in, and the place is still and quiet!  Oh, I love those times!  I have learned to love them because I know what they mean.  It means God is calling me to deep prayer!  Notice it says HE OFTEN WITHDREW TO DESERTED PLACES AND PRAYED.   Some people use this scripture as an excuse to isolate themselves out of depression instead of time spent alone in prayer.  Let us look at the difference in the Holy Spirit calling us to these times of prayer versus us looking for an excuse just to isolate ourselves from other Christian friends and church family!   

When God REALLY calls you to “deserted places”  for prayer…

1.  You pray!  You don’t sit and watch the news, westerns, or game shows.  You pray because that is what God called you away to do, just as He did with Jesus!

2.  You don’t seek isolation because you don’t want to be around people.  I know someone who does this.  This person gets enough of being around people because they have been diagnosed with a psychological problem and then say it is God telling them to be alone. The problem is they don’t stay with the presence of God long.  Soon something they want to do comes knocking and off they go!   You know the difference in  wanting to be  isolated and needing to hear God’s voice and instruction.

3.  You don’t skip church.  There is power in the prayer of agreement with other believers!  God has placed you in a body that will uphold you and you will uphold them by His power!

4.  You feel the draw of the Holy Spirit and you don’t want to resist it!  You can’t wait to get in your prayer closet, in your prayer cabin, or wherever it is God calls you to be alone with Him so you can be drawn into the very Holy of Holies

5.  You are refreshed by it!  You don’t come away feeling lonely and  friendless!  You have been with the one who “sticketh closer than a brother”!  You have basked in the very presence of God!  You know you are not and cannot ever be alone again.  He never leaves you or forsakes you!

6.  You shine with His presence!  Just as Moses shone with the glory of God so shall you!  The Bible says YOU WERE CREATED FOR HIS GLORY!!   What does that mean?  You were created to house it, shine with it, and release it!  When unbelievers who once denied Jesus as the Christ,  see you have been with the Messiah, Himself they will say, “What is this?  Where did it come from? How do I have this?  Surely Jesus IS the Son of God!”  Y0u can’t argue with results!

7.  You won’t rush your prayer time.  You won’t think about hunger, you won’t think about are there phone messages waiting for you…”the things of this earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His wonder and grace”  just as the song says!  It won’t be business as usual.  You will tell your husband or wife to hold all calls.  You will run for that place in prayer!

8.  You will see results of that time in prayer!  In prayer such as this, you literally tap into the presence of God, therefore you have tapped into His wisdom, His knowledge of how to handle certain things in life, you have tapped into knowing how to handle things and you will not run in circles of confusion!  You will begin to see the fruit of this time in your life and the lives of others!  You will look at what is happening to you and around  you  and say, “I prayed that out that day!  I prayed for her/him and look!!  It is happening just as God said it would!”  You will see the results of your prayers and it won’t be a dusting of the gold of the glory!  It won’t be a little shaving here and there!  It will be nuggets!!  Nuggets that are far beyond physical value!  It will be nuggets moth cannot corrupt nor rust decay and you will see and know it!

When that lonely feeling comes, remind the devil you don’t go on negative emotions!  You are going to take that alone time and go into deep and intimate prayer with your Father!  God will honor your attitude!  You will glean much during that time and see great things accomplished!

Blessings to you, precious reader!  Never forget how blessed you are!  If you have Jesus, you have everything!!  See you soon~Juliana


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