my portrait

My husband tells me I could get in trouble in an empty room!  I will let you in on a little secret though…the older you get, the more people become more “understanding” of you!

Yesterday, Sunshine was off and we had to take the puppies in for their heartworm shots.  When the kids were little and had to have their immunizations, it hurt me more than it hurt them!  I would always take them to the toy store of their choice and let them choose a toy for having to go through their “trauma”.  I would then let them pick any place they wanted to eat lunch and they could have any thing they chose!   Well, this seems to have rubbed off on my daughter with her chihuahua, Daisy.  After the shot and vet visit, she announced it would be time for toys and doggie cookies!  Where does she get these things??

Before the cheery part, this is what I heard all the way there…

“Oh, sweet baby…Mommy loves  you…I am soooooo sorry…Oh, Momma she cried last time so I know it is going to hurt!” This is the one who is going to be a nurse! Finally I said, “If you will be calm, she will be calm.  Act like there is nothing to it and she will be fine!”  I was upset on the inside, too because I knew she was right and Gracie (mine) had to get the shot, too!

I decided to maximize the idea of a treat afterwards!  It seemed to take SUNSHINE’S edge off!  After it was all said and done, they didn’t even whimper, but off we went to the pet store anyway for cookies and anything else “soothing” we could find.   Here are some pictures of the “trouble” we got into!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

daisy and sunshine

                                                                                              Great!  She found the “Easter” stuff!


                                                                                      gracie where is the nearest exit

                                                                                                  Gracie wants to know, “Where is the nearest exit?”

                                                                                                gracie can i take this off now                                                                                                   Can I take this off now?

                                                                                              daisy i can't believe my life has come to this                                                                                                  I can’t believe my life has come to this!

                                                                                                     when they finally open the door run for all you are worth                                                                                                   When they finally open the door, run for all you are worth!  If that doesn’t work, we can tell the world Mommy wears a MOOMOO!!!  BAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

 Hubby was right!  🙂  See you next time, precious reader!!


8 thoughts on “My First Portrait!

  1. Hilarious. Sunshine’s dog looks so much like our chihuahua, Samson! I could never get my dog to wear bunny ears.

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