gracie and daisy looking out of window 2 Gracie and Daisy in sunnier days!  🙂

 At this moment rain is pounding against my window pane as I sit directly in front of it.  I am alone in the living room with two Chihuahuas barking, growling, mohawks standing!  I see the lightning and hear the thunder immediately after the flashes across the sky!  They say pounding rain means there is a tornado nearby.  Still, I sit and watch and try to calm Gracie and Daisy! 

I begin to wonder why I don’t just get up and move to another room.  I mean it does sound pretty ominous!  Even the plates on my dining room wall are rattling.  I think to myself, “Well, I am either a tremendous woman of faith or I need to be delivered of a horrific stronghold of LAZINESS

Gracie (mine) is calming and has settled beside me and is drifting to sleep.  Daisy (Sunshine’s) is lying on top of Gracie and is as close to me as she can possibly get.  Every once in a while I hear a slight whimper come from her tiny mouth.  I pet her and talk to her in soothing, cooing tones.  It seems to help.  I plead the blood of Jesus for complete safety for Sunshine who is driving home from work in this!  I know all is well because God is with her, the blood covers her, and satan can’t touch her! 

I begin to think how faithful my God is!  How I can trust Him with the most precious things and people in life I can possibly imagine.  I also begin to ease, I feel peace flood me and a security I, even as a writer, cannot explain.

I think we have identified what I am.  Faith filled!   That is until in the morning when hubby sees the dishwasher is still full…then he may want to debate the lazy part of this question!  Goodnight, precious reader!  See you soon!


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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