God has a purpose for you

Proverbs 29:18

King James Version (KJV)

18 Where there is no vision, the people perish(a)


I am currently camping with a group of people from our church.  Some of them are my cousins.  My cousin is an outdoorsman.  He isn’t going to be inside long, especially if there are fish to catch and game to hunt!  Today it is extremely cold and the wind feels like it is slicing right through you!  I am so grateful for my travel trailer!!  As I was talking to a friend of mine my cousin’s wife knocked on the door.  “We are headed fishing!”  I could not believe my ears!  The water is choppy, the wind is boisterous, and it is  freezing cold!!  It will be even colder when you get on the water.  But, my cousin came to fish!  Hear me….my cousin came to fish!!  He came with a purpose and no matter the conditions, he is going to tackle that purpose!!

When God formed you in your mother’s womb, He had more in mind for you than to be born, go through the stages of life, work a job that put supper on the table but not one that excited you very much.  You have begun to think, “Why am I really here?  Is this really all my life is going to be?”  You are born with PURPOSE!  God’s purpose!  What is so exciting about this is God’s purpose is a passion burning in your soul!  God doesn’t EVER call you to something you hate doing!  Where would the promised joy of that be??  This is why we have great differences in people.  Different people are called to different things.  Not all see things the same and God did that  on purpose!  They have to think in a way that shows them where to go and what to do according to God’s plans for them!

My daughter can stick someone (she is a certified phlebotomist), dissect anything you put in front of her in a college lab and you just say the word “dissect” to me  and before you can get  out of your mouth what going to be dissected, I am ready to panic and RUN!  I can’t look at what she can look at.  I can’t touch what she can not only touch,  but examine closely with a microscope!  Why is this?  Because the purposes of our lives are different and God has put in her different tools other than what He has put in me!  It is the same with you!  You have a passion for something!  When you get to do whatever it is, work is no longer work, but it is fun, exciting, and all you can think about!  That is just more of the goodness of God!  That is God’s way of getting you to reach higher and go deeper.  That is God’s way of getting you to go to the “lake” and be a fisher of men, when it is cold, windy, and the lake is anything but peaceful! 

You know He is with you!  He that called you to it will bring you through it!!  Glory to God!  He has made you and your personality to fit the gift!  That is why you can’t find satisfaction trying to be like someone else.  That is why you don’t “fit” in some groups….they don’t get you!  You have gone deeper than they and they don’t have the capacity to understand.  For them, mediocrity may be just fine, but not you!  God has a group of passionate, on fire, with a vision like yours to help you see yours through and you see their’s through.  They are the ones that when you catch a whopper of a fish they are there to  hand you the net so you don’t lose him when he fights and breaks the string!  You belong!  You just have to let the Lord bring you to those that you belong with or bring to you those  that belong with you!  Together, each with solid purpose and in unity, you will carry out the dreams God has put in all of you!   Everyone benefits from unity and two heads are always better than one!

God may tell you some things to do that may jolt your senses, but they will power you in the spirit!  Move in to them and expect the greatness of God’s glory to shine as it never has before in you!  Blessings to you, precious reader!  I will see you soon!


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