Don’t let the pain of obeying God hinder you.  You will receive your promise if you continue to trust and DON’T DIG YOUR SEED UP!    I know this sounds like an odd statement, but it is something which will help you stay with obedience and keep you from becoming discouraged in the process.

A great example of this is when God told Abraham to leave his father’s house and he would show him a land he knew not of.  Basically, Abraham packed up his belongings, took Sara, his nephew Lot and all the servants he had and off they went with no destination in mind.  He walked out on sheer trust in God’s voice.  As time went on and tragedies struck in various manners, how easy it would have been for Abraham to have wondered if he had done the right thing.  His wife had been captured by an evil king, his nephew gave up on his idea and decided to part ways in the middle of nowhere, sickness struck the camp, and still there was no promised destination in sight!  How easy it would have been to turn and run home to Daddy.  How easy it would have been to say, “God, did I really hear you or was that just me?”

In Mark 4:15 it says

Mark 4:15

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

15 These[a] are the ones along the path where the word is sown: when they hear, immediately Satan comes and takes away the word sown in them.[b]

What happened?  God spoke and satan shows up!    He has shown up to steal the WORD sown in us!  I know this is talking about a message a minister preaches and the Word of God itself, but where does that message come from?  Where did that verse for you to stand on come from?   From the mouth of God!  When God speaks to you to do something, don’t think the devil won’t come like he did to Eve and say, “Is that what God REALLY said?  Maybe that was just you!”  No, precious heart, it wasn’t just you!  You don’t think like that on a regular basis  and neither do I!  If it was just us we would be thinking like that all the time!  What is that stinking devil trying to do?  Dig up your seed!  He will bring all kinds of thoughts and even some junk in the physical to get you to doubt what God has told you;  hold firm!  Don’t ever let negative circumstances cause you to head in another direction than what God has told you to go.

My son is a body builder (not the ones you see on television, just muscular).  He knows what he has to do to get his desired outcome. One of the things he does is lift weights to the point of his muscles revolting with pain.   This is called “Resistance Training“.   Instead of quitting he pushes past the pain and continues knowing if he doesn’t quit, soon he will see the results he was looking for!  It is the same with faith.  Faith is like a muscle.  When you work it the stronger it becomes, but sometimes there is discomfort in the process.  Keep pressing, keep working your faith “muscle” out.  When it hurts, tell the devil forget it, you are sticking with it and you WILL SEE THE END RESULT OF YOUR FAITH!!  God said it,  therefore  it is true!!!

Know your enemy is out there prowling around seeking whom he may devour.  He is also seeing who will cast their faith in God away.  It may not look good,  but since when did God say if it doesn’t LOOK good, you better worry?  You better figure this thing out!  You better get  some people who can promote you and what He promised because He just doesn’t know about this one!  Since when did God stand up, start walking the floor over you saying, “Oh, Jesus what are We going to do about this??”  NEVER!  The Word says He knows the end from the beginning.  It may be a good thing the legs of that chair were kicked out from beneath us.  Maybe the chair holding us up was our dependence on some person or some thing, and we looked there first before looking to God!  Praise God, now we HAVE to look to Him for help and that is a VERY GOOD THING!  It teaches us God is ALWAYS our source….ALWAYS!!  He isn’t worried.  He knew whatever this thing is was going to happen and has already made a way of escape!!

Glory to God we are progressing every day!  Stay with your faith and trust, precious reader!  Work your faith muscle out!!  You will most certainly see your promise and be stronger for it!  You can’t lose with God; there is absolutely no way!  See  you soon!  Juliana


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