a timely word

Today, while at church there was a message in tongues and an interpretation.  Since it applies to the Body of Christ, which is the church I am going to tell you as much as I can remember as accurately as I can remember.  The message is as follows:

For some time the church has been a sleeping giant.  But, everything that sleeps eventually awakens.   The church is awakening.  As it lay sleeping the enemy came in and bound it.  Bound it with laws, legislation, words of anger, intolerance, and rejection.  Because of prayer warriors I, the Lord your God have taken scissors, as it were, and have snipped the cords that bind.  The church is having a great awakening and as it comes out of its sleep and slumber the revival of the last days I promised will take place.  I will use YOU!  I will not only use missionaries, special speakers, but I will use YOU!!  You will have wisdom as you have not known and have not had the capacity or ability to possess, because  your thoughts will come from the Head of the Church which is Christ!  You will have His wisdom because you will put Him in the forefront of your thinking!  You  say, “But I am unremarkable!  I come from here and there.” But, I tell you it isn’t where you have come from but Who is sending you!  Just as they said, “Jesus?  The son of a carpenter from Nazareth?  Can anything good come out of  Nazareth?”  It may be said of you, but I stand with you, and the wisdom of  My Son will be upon you and you shall bring forth a mighty harvest, saith the Lord!  I tell you, My Son’s hand is on the doorknob…He is watching Me to signal Him to turn it and go through it!  He is coming quickly!

Get ready church.  It will not be church as usual, and it will not be life as usual.  There is nothing more important in life than to be about our Father‘s business!  Don’t be left out of the mighty things to come by continuing in a sleep or slumber.  Prepare in prayer, study, and meditating on God’s Word.  Get still and listen past the din of the noise around you!  He is speaking to those who make Him their priority!


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