today wasn't my day

I am always upfront with my precious readers and this time is no different.  What I feel, think, analyze, taste, see and hear you know it!  Tonight I am up in the middle of the night not to pray, hear God‘s direction, grow through a devotional.  No, I am up frustrated to the point of no sleep!  The very thing I know better than to do! 

My PayPal won’t work.  It has so upset me  that I can’t understand it well  enough to set it up.  That upsets me beyond anything!   Please, don’t try to use it, it will do no good.  It is amazing how God knows everything about us!  Before I ever tried to set it up, at this point anyway, I just knew getting alone with God was necessary.  I am off on a rare trip alone, just Gracie and me to listen to the Holy Spirit and go where He leads me in prayer, my Bible study, and devotional time.  I decided to make my reservations before I ever touched the paypal.

I know when the “filling back up” process is necessary and it is necessary.  What makes me aggravated at myself is it only took a lack of knowledge on knowing how to do something and instead of walking away from it forcing myself to keep trying until I literally stomped off to bed only to not be able to sleep!

I needed to realize IT WILL GET DONE!!  No, not tonight, but when it needs to be!  I should have just cast my aggravation away instead of my peace and thought about the R & R time that I desperately need.  I should have redirected my thoughts!   Thank God His mercies renew every morning and what we blow one day is quickly set right in days to come. 

Think about it, precious reader!  It all works out in the end and we threw our peace away for nothing!  Today, I saw the book for the first time.  I saw the title God gave me, the ISBN number, the author referrals, the beautiful cover,  and joy filled me!  Satan knew it did.  He knows the hard work that went into that book, not only from me but my publisher and editor and through satan’s nasty antics he tried to steal that joy away!  Well, forget it!   God gave me this joy and nothing and no one can take it away!!  Praise God even in all of my fatigue and frustration and the fact it is the middle of the night, the Holy Spirit is still present to turn my attitude and situation around!

Thank you for listening, dear reader!!  I feel better for having told someone and for writing it out so I could figure it out with the help of the greatest teacher ever known…the Holy Spirit! See you soon!   Blessings!  Juliana


One thought on “Always Upfront!

  1. Yes! Thanks for sharing your situation – you always help me see the ‘Paypals’ in my own life. God’s timing is perfect. I needed this truth today, Juliana. Thank you…

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