I want to thank Lyn Leahz for the beautiful page she set up for me!!  Thank you, Lyn!!   You did a great job!  She sat up half the night just to bless me with this!!  What a friend!

What do y’all think of the new look?  She is a pretty amazing lady with a huge heart to go with her!!!  Love you my beautiful, precious friend!!  XOXOOXOXOOOOO!!!!


38 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You to Lyn Leahz!!

  1. Dearest Juliana, you are loved very much by all of us,for your laughter, your wit, your charm, your wisdom, and most of all, your unfathomable love. Most of all, when we want to hear from the Holy Spirit, you are our source…because we know that He does speak through you. Your warm, enlightening posts are always much cherished. God bless you! ♥

      1. Well, after I put Ronald McDonald up again here shortly as your background, you’re going to be upset. So I wanted you to love me in advance….

      1. No, Greg is the genius. That’s why I always bug him when I can’t figure something out! LOL Let me know if the ‘notch’ is gone on the vine, too. Just resized And, Juliana..I don’t have t he ‘infamous’ notch on lyn leaz do i?

      2. Okay…good! I’m sooo happy! We’re all thrilled and ecstatic now…woo hoo! ROFL I am happy that it’s all fixed. Thanks to the ‘notch’ from the pits of hell! LOL I’m going to go take a nap now…I feel tired today. God bless you!!!!! ♥♥♥

      3. Ummm, one more thing…would you mind adding a contact me tab? After you much needed nap of course…oh and don’t forget Israel!!! I am such a slave driver! You can slap me! :))

      4. I’m not going to forget. Nor have I. My son just got home from school a little bit ago, and my oldest daughter called, and…. i had a TON of emails awaiting approval. When I’m logged in as you I can’t approve my comments. But I have not forgotten. I already added your contact form you asked me for. You did see that, right? I did that before I went to take my nap. Is it okay if I do a few things first before I do that? It will probably be about thirty minutes to one hour at the most. I have to pick up my youngest son, stop by the store, and so forth.

      5. Oh, yes! So sorry! “Press inside wants to reblog a prayer for schools from vine of life…I can’t get it to approve…do you mind approving that soon? THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

      6. As soon as I see it. I don’t see it. Did I approve it already? Now, they have reblogged it, and whether I approve or not does not keep them from reblogging it. It just makes the fact that they reblogged it show on our page. 😉

      7. WEll that would explain why it isn’t there! LOL I went to comments as soon as I saw you said something and there was nothing there for me to approve.

    1. See Greg..I told you when I did your sites, “That Juliana…she’s a real slave driver!” LOL I can feel the sting of that whip hundreds of miles away! FFFFFTTTCHCHCHA!

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