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…so that by the testimony[j] of two or three witnesses every fact may be established.  Matthew 18:16

I am deviating a bit from the types of pictures I normally post because of all pictures this is the one that  describes my state of mind right now…or what I wish I had now!!  Solitude and a peaceful surrounding with undisturbed quiet to pray and seek the voice of God concerning some things.

Within the next few weeks I have major decisions to make that can alter my life and the life of my family.  I am not taking these decisions lightly.  I have thought more of how it affects others than myself!  I talked to hubby about it last night and the first words out of his mouth were, “Well, you know so and so told you God said….”  I did not even let him finish!  I love my husband very much and he is a tremendously wise man, but you do not go on what people tell you God said unless God has told YOU FIRST!  A word of confirmation is just that!  It confirms what you already know.  God will confirm His word to you, first of all BY His word and also He will use other things such as dear saints of God to tell you almost word for word what He has told you to do!

My mother tells a true story of a minister that came to a church to guest minister.  He wanted to pray for the people and when he came to one young woman he laid his hand on her head and said this, “Yea, yea, I hear the Lord say you are to go to Africa and be a missionary to that  country!”  The wise young lady replied, “Nay, Nay,  God told YOU, go yourself!”  That is how it is with “words of knowledge” sometimes.  They are very REAL!  I am not discounting them.  But sometimes people can truly be sincere in what they have told you, but if God did not tell you first, then you need to put it on the back burner!!

I have had two words spoken over me in the last two weeks.  The first word was right on.  I knew it when I heard it. How?  God had already told me in prayer!  The second word I felt this “Hmmm????”  come up in me.  Why?  Because that was the first time I heard it.  God had NOT spoken it to me previously about this. 

Never ever, precious reader let people’s voices be a substitute for the voice of God!!  I know people who literally run from STATE TO STATE looking for a preacher to “give them a word”.  God has given you a personal word and it is called the WORD OF GOD!!   THE BIBLE itself is the Word God has for you!! 

Here are some starting places in KNOWING you are hearing the voice of God!  If it does not line up with the following checklist, then “put it on the back burner”.

1.  God will never contradict the Word of God.  Whatever God is telling you is always going to be Biblically sound!  Remember to be Biblically sound you must find it in at least THREE places in the Bible or you do NOT have sound doctrine!!

2.  When God speaks measure it with peace.  Does it bring peace or confusion?  Peace or anxiety?  The Bible says God will lead us forth in PEACE!!  Confusion and anxiety are sure signs the enemy is near!   God will never frighten you or confuse you!!  The Word tells us to let peace be the UMPIRE of our hearts!

3.  Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses God will CONFIRM WHAT HE HAS ALREADY TOLD YOU!!  It won’t be a surprise party going on!!  You will know exactly what that person is saying and talking about when they have no idea! 

I have literally seen women leave their husbands, children, and home over some goofy so-called word some nut gave them!  And over the Bible, the wise counsel of good pastors and Godly elders they did it anyway!  Their lives and the lives of their children destroyed by following false teachers and prophets!  My voice, or any other person’s voice is not to substitute for God’s voice!  His sheep know His voice, the word says,  and no other voice shall they follow!  The only other “voices” I know of are satan’s and people’s.  Be very careful who you listen to and that it is what God is saying!

Right now, I don’t have all my answers.  I need more time in prayer and praying in the Holy Ghost.  That is why I long for that cabin!  But when direction comes, and it will, I will come back to this post God has written.  I will read it, again.  I will go to hubby and tell him and see what he hears from the Lord, for he is head of my home and my covering that I can trust!  I may move forward in it shakily, but I will have the courage to move in it because I will have heard from God and know He has to have this or He would not have told me to do it!

I pray you make this your guide as well, dear reader!!  Never substitute God for man in any way whatsoever!  You will always live in the blessing if you stay and go with God!



4 thoughts on “How To Determine The Voice of God

  1. My prayers are with you as you make your decision. I just had to make an important decision – I only had a few days – and you are right, if there is a peace about the decision, receive confirmation and always – always go to prayer first. I never thought about it being sound with at least 3 verses of His Word, although His Word spoke to me as did some of my devotional readings – out of two separate books by two different authors. May God continue to direct you in the direction you are to go. Blessings, Patty

  2. You are so right! I’ve seen people step out to soon and miss what God had for them at that time. I’ve also seen people move at the word of someone they respected, a person of God and lost everything. God doesn’t tell someone else what he wants us to do, and not tell us. If I hear something I’ve never heard before, i’ll just put it on the shelf, if it doesn’t bear witness with my spirit. Later it may, then again it may not but either way my feet are planted until I’m lead to do otherwise. Thanks

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