wild oat [Credit: MPF] Picture from Britannica Online

“Let both grow together until the harvest. At harvest time I’ll tell the reapers:
Gather the weeds first and tie them in bundles to burn them, but store the wheat
in my barn.'”  Matthew 13:30

These are literal wild oats.  These oats are a weed and cannot be used for anything.  Even when this “oat” matures it is so bristly and crooked it has no use.  In fact, it is quite the nuisance to farmers, ranchers, and agriculturalists because it chokes out good seed and a plentiful harvest.  It actually can be painful to touch because of the bristles and crooked edges!

Have you ever heard anyone say they need to sow their wild oats?  Let us break this down!  To sow means simply to plant!  Have you ever heard people compared to tares among wheat?  Wheat is what someone wants to harvest.  From it comes the grains that are so good for us and actually fights off cancers!  Tares look like wheat, but they are of no use.  They didn’t develop properly and basically are the production of the “wild oats”!  The tares are thrown into the fire, which represents people who pretend to be Christians but take great pleasure in “sowing wild oats”.  God says on the day of judgement they will be thrown into the fire, which we know as hell!

One year while I was still teaching in the public school system I was the coordinator over a volunteer program.  I would get community volunteers who would come and take a child who was at risk of being a drop out later on in school because they had not developed the skills they needed to read.  This particular year, I had a young man who had been a farmer of wheat in Iowa.  He was telling me about the tares and the wheat and how they told the difference since they look identically the same!  There was a machine on his farm.  When harvest time came he would take the wheat and tares and throw them onto the machine that would shake the wheat and tares violently!!  The way he knew which was the tares was due to the fact they would not drop any grain.  They would just lay on the machine producing nothing useful. He would then pick them up and literally throw them into a fire to be burned.

When hard times hit, which is what the shaking represents, see how you react and how so-called friends act!  You will know where you and someone else stands by what the shaking shakes out of them in their reactions and behavior.  You will know then if you are with a tare or a wheat, so to speak!

You nor I want to sow wild oats.  The Bible tells us that which we sow we shall also reap!  Reaping is when your harvest comes in, and believe me precious reader SOMETHING is coming in as a harvest to your life depending on what you chose to plant!!  Either it will be a good harvest that you can glean from and others around you can be nourished from,  or it will be wild oats depending on what you have planted!

Actions are our seed.  Either we do things God’s way and get blessed, healed and protected OR we do it OUR way and get nothing but sorrow and heartache in the end.  I have seen young women and men unequally yoke themselves with a girlfriend or boyfriend they just had to have!  They marry them and it isn’t three months until they realize they have made a huge mistake and are trapped!  Let us not even mention children brought into this strife filled atmosphere!!  I have seen people do things and they think, “Well, grace will cover me!”  Yes, had it not been done on purpose!  But when we know the possible consequences we are closing the door on grace until we become truly and sincerely repentant!!  Even then I have seen people have to bear hard things for years to come!

Sow that which is pleasing to God!  Stay away from the idea of “wild oats” and anyone else that tries to persuade you in that direction!!  Believe me, the only thing you are missing out on is future heartache!  You have everything to gain and everything to lose!

Blessings to you, precious reader!  I will see you next time!


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