“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;” James 1:19 ESV

I have avoided more arguments with hubby by saying one little word!  That word is “huh?”  I am serious!  There have been times I thought he said one thing and before I jumped on him with both feet I thought I just might want to ask if what I heard was right!  Sure enough, it was NOT!  I could have caused not only an unnecessary argument, but then I would have had to apologize and would have ushered peace that we are supposed to be keeping right out of our home!!

This happened not long ago with a friend of mine.  She is the most precious person you would EVER want to meet and I love her dearly!  She is one of the most understanding and considerate people I have ever known!  I said something not thinking one thing of it and really hurt her feelings.  The way I said it and the way she interpreted it was completely opposite of each other.  Now this particular friend is a wonderful listener, but satan wanted so badly for there to be a misunderstanding between us, he  garbled the message.

The way the Lord explained it to me was, it is like an old timey two-way radio.  Each speaker is saying exactly the right message, but while in transition to the other person if the line is messed up and there is static, the message becomes distorted and unclear!  That is what satan does.  You can take two wonderful Godly people, but he gets in the middle of a situation, distorts it and if those people don’t talk it through it can literally damage a relationship for life!

Momma has alway said, “God gave us two ears and one mouth.  That means you listen twice as much as you speak!”  Boy, does she ever have that one right!  If we would just take our time to really listen, believe the best of what that person is saying the rest of our verse will fall right into place!  We will be slow to anger!  One time years ago, I was watching “No Time For Sargeants” with Andy Griffith.  He was just a young country boy in the movie the army had fished out of the “holler”…that means woods in the south…and they drafted him into the service!  He had to go through a battery of tests to see which branch he would function best in.  When it came time for the psychological evaluation he answered every question according to his colloquialism and the customs of his area.  The psychologist asked him, “Did your mother ever beat you?”  He replied with a huge toothy grin, “She shore did!!  Why, can’t nobody whoop you like my momma can!”  The psychologist was just horrified!  “Sooooo you HATE your mother!”  He was trying to find something wrong with him.  “No!  I love my momma!!  She is the best momma on earth!” He replied.  “But you just said she  beat you!”  the psychologist replied in a confused manner.  “And how!!!”  Andy replied with a proud look on his face.  “Didn’t your momma beat you?” he asked the psychologist.  “Certainly not!!!”  He replied horrified!  “Is that why you hate your momma?”  At that point the psychologist began to cry and began to tell of all the “horrors” of his childhood!  He then caught himself and became so angry with Andy he just pushed him right through!  Now, the psychologist was thinking one thing, while Andy had a totally different definition and view of “beating”.  ” Beating”  to the psychologist meant to beat a child violently, but that word to Andy meant to spank.    All it caused was frustration and confusion. They were not communicating effectively because one did not understand fully what the other was saying and here came trouble!!  (Please, understand I DO NOT CONDONE BEATING A CHILD!!!   This was just the script in the movie).

We should always listen with loving hearts and wisdom from God.  The Bible says He will always give us the right answer!  So much upset, hostility, and divisiveness could be nipped in the bud!  Ask God to give you the mind of Christ!  Ask Him as it says in James to give you a liberal amount of His wisdom!!  God even says He won’t fuss at us for wanting  more wisdom because all of us need it!  Believe the best of one another and then the enemy can’t get in with questions that lead to confusion where there is every evil work!

Blessings to you, precious reader!!  I will see you soon!



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