coffee and barnes and noble

Just a reminder the drawing for the two Barnes and Noble gift cards ends tomorrow.  All you have to do is ‘like’ simplyjuliana on Facebook and your name is in the drawing.  To double your opportunity to win ANOTHER 25.00  Barnes and Noble gift card ‘follow’ simplyjuliana right here on WordPress!  Your name then goes in twice!!  The winner or winners will be announced January 20!  Don’t miss out.  Just press a button and you are IN!!  How easy is that??  I am so excited!  I can’t wait to see who gets these cards you can also use for Starbucks and their yummy desserts, too!!


15 thoughts on “Chance to Win in the Give Away Ends Tomorrow!!! Act Fast!!

  1. Can we trade in our lumps of coal for a small cup of coffee…emailed hot and fresh? Can they do that now? That’d be great! Coffee and cake emailed in less than a second. Hey, they have guns now you can get emailed to you and print up in 3D… all they need is some coffee flavored paper and chocolate cake flavored paper….. I’ve seen edible paper on candy at oriental restaurants when I was a was paper made with rice. Shoot..I’ve gotta run. I have to figure this out…I could get rich quick! 🙂

      1. I’ll think about it… Now, I’m more than happy to give you half of that lump of coal you sent me for the like… you in on that one? I’ll be glad to dip it in chocolate first before I send…

      2. Well, it was very creative that you put the little coals in a Russel Stover Box..I know that had to take some effort. Your husband’s old shoe laces from his softball practices he was coaching made lovely bows, too, I might add. Beautiful! And the smell, oh, out of this world! One whiff, and I knew Jesus had to be coming back REAL soon!

      3. Well, you must’ve sent that one to Auntie Em… the one I got had the old shoe laces (originally white, but green, brown, and yellow with age and use) an old beat up Russel Stover box full of coal..I swear. I’m sure Auntie Em got the one with the real chocolates, the pretty red bow, and the white paper…

        Remember, the reason you gave was because I only liked you on FB once, and Auntie Em liked you five times… I can’t believe you don’t remember this. Shame on you! Southern women…I swear!

      4. Woo hoo! Good! That just proves it. I made the devil mad. I’m sorry, any man who dresses up in red velvet, and is that fat, and lugs around a big bag, and sneaks around in your house late at night…eating cookies and tromping around on people’s carpet with ashes and dirt all over his boots needs some serious professional help! ha ha ha ha

        Okay, I’d better stop now. I just remembered all of your subscribers are getting notifications in their email(s) every time I hit post comment… they’re going to be hitting “UNSUBSCRIBE” real fast! LOL Same thing happened on another blog, and I typed a similar comment as this..and lo and behold…one of the subscribers replied, “PRAISE THE LORD!” ha ha ha ha!

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