sweet gracie

This is my baby!  Gracie is one of the best dogs I have EVER had!  She gives such unconditional love!  She taught herself to sit and will sit quietly and not jump on me while I get the treats out after play time.  She will not jump on the couch unless I tell her she can and she will not jump off unless I give permission.  I have never seen a puppy like this, but then I have only gotten to know two dogs really well.

When I was a little girl I was savagely attacked by a dog in a friend’s yard.  I was outside by myself and didn’t see the dog at all.  Suddenly, it was just there.  My mother had told me if I ever encountered a dog I didn’t know or one that had aggressive behavior to stand perfectly still.  That is what I did and I still have the scars on the back of my legs for listening to that bit of advice!  The dog knocked me down and began to viciously sink his teeth into both of my legs!  Blood was everywhere!  I don’t know if I lost so much blood I went into shock, or if I just went into shock from the trauma of it.  It kept me out of school for two weeks.  I don’t remember much after the attack, not even the tetanus shot I got after I was bitten and I was scared of those, too!

I say all of this to say dogs were the last things I wanted to see for the rest of my life.  I carried a literal phobia of them until about three years ago.  I was not afraid of puppies, but grown dogs petrified me.  When my children were around ten years old they began to want a puppy.  I knew it would be good for them and would teach them to be responsible.  I held myself emotionally away from that dog.  I wanted the kids to have full responsibility, and I did not fully trust her.

One night I received a call from my mother telling me she had seen the cutest puppy in the world and it was being sold.  It was a Pomeranian.  Before I knew it the words flew out of my mouth, “Call them and tell them I will buy her tomorrow!  It is Sunshine’s birthday and that is what I will get her!”  I picked “Prissy” up the next day.  She was adorable! She was a beautiful brown and never got to be over three pounds.  She was beautiful in every way.  She was meant for my daughter, but somehow she attached to me.  At first, I was not interested.  I held off emotionally again, yet I knew she wouldn’t hurt me.

Time went by and my children grew up.  My son left home in March and my daughter left for college the following August.  Three days before we were to move her I broke my foot.  It was one of the worst times of my life!  I lived to serve my children.  Suddenly, my little eaglets were gone.  I was devastated!  The first night we stayed in College Station, TX we were in our travel trailer.  Prissy slept  in her bed.  Whenever we would camp, the first thing she always did would be to get out of her bed in the morning,  go to Sunshine’s bed, raise up on her back feet look at Sunshine and wait patiently to be loved and cuddled by her.  The day hubby was to move Sunshine in (thank God my parents and my sister-in-law was there to help) Prissy went to Sunshine as always.  I knew it would be the last time I would see what I had seen over the last 3 years.  Tears sprang to my eyes.  They left to move her into the dorm and hubby put Prissy in the bed with me before they left.  She kept watching for the door for Sunshine to return.

The first night Sunshine was so excited to be in the dorm she stayed there to get to know her roomie.  Prissy got in her bed and hubby and I just laid there in silence.  Suddenly, I could no longer hold back my tears. It was as if a dam had been released!   I cried for hours as though someone had died instead of just moving out.  My husband put his hand on my arm and I could hear a few sniffles coming from him.  It was torment!

The next morning Prissy got out of her bed and headed for Sunshine’s bed.  As always, she raised up on her back legs to look in her bed, only Sunshine wasn’t there.  Then she turned and looked at me as if to say, “Where is she?  When is she coming back?”  At that moment I realized animals have real feelings.  They have great depths of love, loyalty, and great joy in being with you.  The least amount of attention means the world to them, their love for you is so strong!

We left Sunshine at college.  Suddenly I attached to Prissy.  She was now my baby!  She loved it!!   She attached to me in a greater measure as well!  It was as if she felt my hurt and poured her love out on me to heal it.

One day, about 2 years later as Prissy played suddenly she fell.  She never got up again.  She was dead within three minutes.  We rushed her to the emergency room but nothing could be done.  She had been dead too long.  I could not come home.  Hubby had to take me to Momma‘s.  I couldn’t walk in the door of the house because she always greeted me.  She would never greet me again!

Three months before she died, I had, had her baby teeth pulled while she was under sedation.  Afterwards, she developed a funny cough.  I took her to the vet.  He said nothing was wrong.  I knew there was!  I did what he prescribed for “allergies” and to no avail.  I took her in a second time for him to look at me and say, “I don’t know.”  At that point I was escorted to the front desk and was charged for an office visit.  Over that weekend, I noticed the funny breathing became worse.  I told hubby if she was still breathing like that  on Monday I was going to a new vet.  Prissy didn’t live long enough to make that visit.  I often wondered if it was the sedation that somehow may have weakened her heart.  Now, tomorrow I send my Gracie for the same thing.

Oh how the enemy wants to torment my mind with the memories of Prissy and worry about Gracie.  I am fighting it, but I would appreciate your prayers, dear reader!  Please, pray for Gracie to come through with no complications and for me to be at peace.  It is a different vet!  I really like him and trust him.  Bad memories can linger far too long, but God always takes the broken pieces and makes something beautiful out of them.  Gracie is my beauty…my joy in exchange for my mourning.  I will be glad when tomorrow is all said and done.

Thank you for the prayers, precious reader!! I know I will feel them!  See you next time.


16 thoughts on “Prayers for Gracie and Me…Especially Me!

  1. I hear and feel your pain! Only ours is a 10 year old cat named Maxi. She has been written about quite a lot on my blog. She was feral when we got her from some friends. She was a year old and very skiddish. She was our daughter’s who left for college and Maxi is not my baby. I’ll be praying!

  2. I don’t know if you’d ever seen this video, but it is the sweetest thing!! It shows, well, to me anyway, the gift animals truly are from God to us! The world thinks they are just for using or exploiting…but we as Christians need to see the amazing gift they are from a loving God who has put His ‘fingerprints’ on each critter He made.

    Praying for you and Gracie…..

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! I really do feel the comfort of the prayers! It was the strangest thing, last night she wanted me to hold her and rock her like she knew it was coming today. Today, she got up and was her playful self! Our doctor is the best in this area. But God directs his hand!! Praise the Lord! Thank you for the prayers, again!! Blessings~Juliana

  3. Emotional attachment to animals is hard on me too. We lost Dyna the Cat a couple of years ago right after my grandmother died and it just devastated us. I’m praying for both you and Gracie.

    1. I am so, so sorry, Eddy! How hard that had to be with it being so close to your grandmother passing away! Thank you for your prayers. I will be praying for you all, too! I do feel peaceful about it today! I knew I would with all of you praying. How precious y’all are to me! Thank you again! Blessings~Juliana

  4. Juliana, I know the love of and the love for a pet. They are like family. I will pray for both you and Gracie right now and when tomorrow is said and done I expect a full recovery for Gracie and perfect peace for you.

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