A precious woman of God prayed for me the following Sunday. I didn’t want to go to church because I felt let down and discouraged, but I went anyway. She quoted Deuteronomy 28:4 “The Lord your God will make you abound in all the work of your hand and in the fruit of your body.” She told me to repeat that scripture during my prayer time and to stand on the Word of God. I did just that.

It was exactly 3 weeks later when this same precious lady came up to me at church, looked at me, and while pointing at my husband, said, “You have received his seed.” I didn’t know what to say to her. My first thought was, “What? Don’t you dare say that I am pregnant! Don’t get my hopes up! Have you lost your mind?” My husband was as dumbfounded as I was at that moment.

(SIDE NOTE: When you believe you HEAR from the Lord, and you are telling someone, be sure it is the LORD! And for those of you receiving a message from the Lord, put it on the back burner, if it is God, it will whistle!)

Lo and behold, It was exactly 2 weeks later that I discovered I was pregnant. We were at a marriage conference called, “A Weekend to Remember,” in Las Vegas, and HONEY, let me tell you, it was a weekend to REMEMBER! My doctor was incredulous. You could hear my parents scream all the way from Texas. I nearly fainted. My husband thought I was joking.
baby ultrasound

Yes, that’s right. A woman with no follicles, nonexistent progesterone, and endometriosis, was pregnant. It is only by the power of Almighty God that I was able to conceive a child, NATURALLY.


Sydney Abigail was born on February 19, 2009 after an arduous pregnancy in which I experienced every strange, debilitating illness you can possibly have during pregnancy. Not only was getting her here a journey, carrying her, and delivering her was even more challenging. When she was born, she was blue and not breathing well. I did not get to see her until later that morning after she was stable. What joy I had in welcoming sweet Sydney into my arms for the first time. Tears flowed, but this time, with joy!
But, after Sydney’s birth, we experienced secondary infertility.

Christa and Momma

It took a mighty touch from God to bring Christa Kay into the world. Today, she is a thriving 10 week old that has the most gentle spirit you could ever imagine in a baby. You can feel the spirit of God all over this child. God has great things in store for these beauties.

Am I sad that I went through my infertility battle? No. Would I want to go through it again? Probably not. Did God use my tears, fears, doubts, and longings for a greater purpose? A thousand times, YES!

He will allow circumstances to shape us. He will bring about sandpaper to scratch off rough edges. He will try us, as gold, in the fire. It is for HIS glory every time.

I remind myself what I fantastic testimony I would have deprived myself of if my kids just happened along without a thought in the world. I know all babies are miracles…every single one of them, but SOME babies take a lot more PRAYER than others!

Without a test, there is no testimony.
Without a trial, there is no victory.
Without tears at night, there is no joy that comes in the morning.

He looked past my sorrow and saw an opportunity to bring Him glory. It is because of His great mercy, unending love, and incomprehensible glory that we are sharing our home with two children, who are truly…


SWEETEREVERYDAY/Renesha Chambers is “Momma” to two beautiful miracle girls, Sydney and Christa. When not changing a diaper, loading the dishwasher, leading worship for her church, or riding a Harley, she is busy blogging or watching old movies with her husband, Chris, the love of her life.


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