anniversary day2b

I  am happy to announce haven’t stepped in the hole again!  Every single time I step out the door I remind my husband about it and for him not to step in it either;  it is a doozy!

Today, when we woke up, it was storming and the trailer was rocking with the wind.  I could see my husband’s head going back and forth with the sway of the wind.  I looked out at the lake.  It had waves that looked more like the beach!  White caps were everywhere!  They sky behind the lake was a strange gray, a color I have seen just before a tornado.  Somehow, I knew a tornado was not going to be part of my day.  The wind was lulling me back to sleep, but church was quickly approaching and I had to rush to get ready.

Hubby made me pancakes and bacon while I got ready to leave.  We went to church and drove back talking about where we would eat tonight.  All of a sudden I thought just being in my jammies and writing a blog while hubby napped just sounded great!  We decided, he would go into town for burgers.

Gracie is beside me with her new Christmas blanket and her toy rope.  Gracie is my chihuahua.  Suddenly, I just got a hankering to watch “Hondo“, my favorite John Wayne movie.  Last night hubby surprised me with my favorite Christmas movieSilent Night” with Linda Hamilton.

You know what would make this day complete for me, Baby?


To watch “Hondo”!

It would?

Yep, it sure would!

Suddenly, my husband reaches down and pulls out the movie “Hondo” from the movies we have in the trailer!  He thought of everything!!  I feel like a queen, but better than that I feel loved and cherished!  He thought of me and all I enjoyed and just to wish for it, he gave it.

I thank God for my husband!  After 29 years of marriage, neither of us are the same physically or mentally, but thank God, we have grown in our love for each other and grown together and not apart.  We have loved the changes!  We have embraced them and in so doing embraced each other even tighter!

If you were looking for a “Lucy” incident, I hope you aren’t disappointed!  The day is not over…you just never know when one is going to pop up!  Blessings, dear reader!!  See you soon!


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