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Proverbs 13:22

Amplified Bible (AMP)

22 A good man leaves an inheritance [of moral stability and goodness] to his children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner [finds its way eventually] into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up.

This is my maternal grandmother.  She was wonderful at everything she did!  She was married to my grandfather for over sixty years.   She would literally dream of patterns and wake up the next day, get her sewing machine out, go to the general store and make my mother the dress she had dreamed. 

She sewed so well that at a birthday party my mother attended as a child another mother asked my grandmother her where she had purchased my mother’s dress.  My grandmother told her she made it.  The mother became so angry with my grandmother, thinking my grandmother lied and it had to have come from a store because it looked so professionally made, she never spoke to my grandmother again!  My grandmother could literally run circles around Martha Stewart and I am not bragging!  Anyone who knew my grandmother knows I am telling the absolute truth!

My grandmother could cook, too!  Thank God my mother inherited that trait!  My grandmother made her own seasoning to brine the turkey, made her own dressing recipe, and many salads and side dishes straight from her yummy imagination! 

One of the things that made my grandmother so great at all she did was the fact she could take and desired constructive criticism!  People we would have over for the holidays,  many times,  thought we were being mean to Maw when we would say, “The turkey is good, but just a bit saltier this year.”  What they didn’t know is Maw would always tell us, “You are not doing me any favors lying to me!  If something is off you better tell me!  I want it right and I don’t want you to lie to me to spare my feelings!  You aren’t hurting them to begin with!  I will be more upset if something is wrong and you lie to me and I always do it wrong and never get it as it needs to be!!”  And she meant it!  She left no question about that!  You better not lie to Maw, even if it was a negative truth.  She would always sit and when we would say something, she would repeat it to remember it.  You could see the wheels turning in her mind making mental notes as to what she needed to tweak next time.

My mother is the same way!  You better tell her the truth or you are in trouble!  She can run circles around Paula Deen!  Paula hasn’t tasted dressing until she tastes Momma‘s!!  We still use the perfected recipes Maw passed down to us; perfected because my grandmother was not so prideful she expected a disrespectful lie instead a respectful truth!  My mother is no different.

When we sit down to a holiday meal, my mother is on one end of the table and I am on the other.  We pick up our forks and tastes the same things at the same time and the critiquing begins!  My mother has aged and cannot do it all anymore.  I love to help her in the kitchen.  Many times I say, “Now, Momma let me do it and you watch to make sure I am doing it right!”  She does and when I am “off” on something she gently steers me back to her perfection!  I say that to say this….when the meal is critiqued I am getting critiqued as well!  I have learned to take the truth with the right attitude because Maw passed that attitude down to Momma and me. 

My precious reader, you are doing yourself a favor and your children and the generations to come when you take truth as a helping tool, not a stumbling block of offense!  If my grandmother had not been that way, we would probably have to have the whole thing catered today and wouldn’t have the heritage of all  the delicious recipes, much less the attitude that no amount of money can buy and no one can take away!  That was the best thing my grandmother left to us!  How to make yourself better and not be offended in the process!

Through mistakes we do not necessarily learn.  Many are too prideful to ever admit they ever make them, much less learn from them.  It is in the correction of those mistakes and how we take it we learn and grow to be better people!

The next time someone criticizes you, whether in love or negatively, turn it into a positive truth!  Take it as something that, in all reality no matter how it is given, you let it grow you not insult you!  Remember even “haters are your best motivators!”  Have a wonderful day, my precious reader!  Blessings to you in abundance!!


6 thoughts on “Thank God for What Maw Taught Me!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog. I know your Grandmother was a very sweet lady as are both you and your dear Momma. You have a wonderful heritage. Praise God!

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